5 Outfits for the Festive Season

Look One – A Little Black Dress

A little black dress. A timeless piece. And when it comes to Christmas it is the perfect outfit.
We love black dresses from Ted Baker. They are so easy to wear because of their perfect length and have beautiful gemstones which give the dresses the perfect amount of glamour. We styled them with some earrings with gemstones to match the dresses. For shoes we are wearing black heels. To bring in some colour, we topped the outfit of with this blue velvet purse.
The dresses from & Other Stories are also perfect for the festive season. This velvet wrap dress is perfect to wear at a party because it gives you so much warmth and it looks very cute with pointy heels. These ones from New Look work perfect with the dress because of the gold detail. The little gold details on the dress match with the shoes and give the dress something extra. For accessories, we kept it simple and wore some gold hoops that we got at a Winter fair.
We may have a few too many of them but can you really have too much little black dresses?

Look Two – Lady in Red

This second look is bold and perfect for standing out in a big crowd. Even if you combine it with a sophisticated blouse it works perfectly for a dinner party. Plus red gives you that extra bit of confidence and it is the colour for the next two seasons. We went for this red dress from &Other Stories. We combined it with a blouse is from Review. To finish the outfit we added some black heels and gold or silver jewelry will work either way.

Look Three – Lady in Red II

Our third look is a twist on the Lady in Red. We love wearing pants and dressing them up for a night out. These pants are a little more casual but with the wright heel it makes for an edgy look. We combined the black pants with a black shirt with some sparkle at the top to make it more festive. Because it is the festive season we are wearing a red blazer.


Look Four – Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a perfect clothing item for that one night you go out with your friends and don’t want to be overdressed. We took two different jumpsuits, both from Ted Baker, who are perfect for any occasion. The first jumpsuit is in deep purple with some jewels on the top of the neckline. The perfect statement piece on this outfit. The other jumpsuit which is also from Ted Baker is more floral. The bottom is in navy blue and the top is white with rose flowers. With these two looks you don’t have to get a statement necklace or earring because both already have 1 big piece where the attention is brought to.

Look Five – Dancing All Night

Our last look is a dress in black with blue tones and a dancing women on the front which gives this look some movement. The shoulders are padded to give it some volume and they have these beautiful blue jewels sawed on them to give this look some more elegance. Because of the dark colours with the blue tones it would be a perfect look to celebrate that special occasion in the wintertime.
These were our different looks to celebrate the coming holidays. We hope you’d like this blogpost and be sure to comment down below what you are going to wear this Christmas.

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