Well hello again! Today we have a new blogpost for you guys about travelling. The trip to Amsterdam wasn’t with the two of us but with me (Lisa) and my boyfriend. This is why I am writing this article today and not the both of us. Here I will talk about the whole experience and do’s and don’ts.

zaandam-orig_orig.pngOur plan was to wake up at 6 am to drive the our and half to the little village next to Amsterdam, which is called Zaandam. When we were booking our rooms we started to look at the pictures of Zaandam and noticed that this wasn’t some common village. No, this was really special with al the green and white big apartments and houses. It was really special. But because we left our home at 6.30 am we arrived around 8am in Zaandam. We checked in and got directly to our room. This room was gorgeous! By the way we stayed at the Inntel hotel in Zaandam. Because of the 1.5 our drive we stayed in the room for 30 minutes to freshen up but then took the train to Amsterdam. We were so excited!

Arriving at the trainstation in Amsterdam we immediatly saw all the beautiful buildings and all the tourists, it was very nice. We also had a lot of luck with the weather because it was blue sky when we arrived and just once we had a little rain. Because we were starving we went to the first restaurant we could find to have some lunch. A half our later we decided to go to the Body Worlds museum. This is all about the human anatomy and illnesses some people have and the effect on the body. It is very interesting and because my boyfriend is studying nursing this was very interesting for him. Next up we went to the famous shoppingmal of the Netherlands which is “de Bijenkorf”. Here you have a lot of handbags but also many makeup brands en jewellery. This was truly amazing. Because Amsterdam is famous for her canals we decided to walk trough the neighbourhood. All the little boats on the beautiful canals and the little bridges. It was just perfect and very romantic.We walked and walked and walked until we were tired and took the train back to Zaandam. There we had a lovely dinner in the restaurant and went to sleep early for the next adventure. ​

The next morning we got our breakfast and took our car to a local parking in Amsterdam. Because we had to check out the hotel we couldn’t use their parkinglot so we had to drive to Amsterdam. There we decided to go to the shoppingstreet and tulipmarket. This market was so colourful because of al the different tulips. There was also a local market with little shops on the street. This was so nice to just walk around and chill. Because we were tired, we went to Starbucks for 30 minutes to rest and drink some energy for the next hours of walking. Amsterdam is walking, walking and walking. Because we booked our trip a little late we couldn’t reserve tickets for the Anna Frank house but then that is for the next time…

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