Bullet Journal February

New month means new font for my bullet journal. Because Sarah is on her ski vacation, I am taking over our blog today. February is a special month for me. My birthday is the 3th, it’s my first full month at my new job and of course it’s valentine month. That’s why I have drawn some hearts on the front page to make it a bit more in theme. First I have to say, I am not very good at handlettering or drawing. But I did my best and am pretty happy with what I created.


February is, like I already said, a pretty special month for me. My birthday, valentine etc. But besides these events, I also feel pretty good about myself. I got a new job that I really like and it’s my first full month here. I began in the middel of january and I already got a lot of experience to start february as good as possible. I work at a little jewellery store in my hometown so it can be pretty quiet because I don’t live in a busy city. But because it is quiet, I have plenty of time to clean everything up and make the store as beautiful and cosy as possible for our clients.
I have written some main goals on the front page. This is to motivate myself this month with what I do. These three elements are very important to me and that is getting better at blogging, and working really good. This motivates me because when I open my journal I can directly see what my goals are and I can try to achieve them everytime I open it.

To make it is colourfull as possible I always use my pastel highlighters from Stabilo. These are my favourite ones because they are very vintage and aren’t as bright as normal highlighters. I really love a pop of colour but not to extreme so these are perfect for me.

This is my bullet journal for february. Ofcourse because the month just began, there will be somme new changes trough the month. If you want me to update you guys at the end of the month about what my bullet journal has become. Be sure to leave it in the comments!

​Love, L

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