Desk Make-Over

Last week I did a room make-over. A whole new transformation can make me feel so happy and ‘put together’. Because my room make-over had a lot of succes I also did a desk make-over. I spend not that much time in here unless I have to do something for the blog or want to write some things down on my laptop when I feel like it. But lately I didn’t felt ‘home’ in my desk area. I never spend time there anymore and didn’t felt motivated to get stuff done. So I thought why not my a desk make-over. And when I did, I felt good. I was motivated and was happy because everything was organized again.

fullsizeoutput-800_orig.jpgIn the picture above you can see how organized everything is again. My desk was in the center of the room and when I lifted my face up I was seeing against a wall. I couldn’t look outside and that was something very important for me. When the weather is nice with a little sunshine I love to look outside. Then I feel happy. So I changed the direction of the desk with the front against the window so I could look outside. My room always has to have a bit of nature in it so I put some cacti in it and one plant to feel natural. Some books to read when I feel unmotivated and my diary to keep everything together and write things down. Now I am happy with my transformation. When you feel unhappy, unmotivated and want a change. Just change the things in life where you want to spend more time in. My desk is something where I work when necessairy and now I can work with a happy face! Just change the little things in life when you feel like it can change your mindset.

​Love, S and L

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