Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude

Estée Lauder came out with a spin-off from the most hyped foundation ever, the double wear foundation. The Double Wear Nude is as light as water, it is super light on the skin. The skin looks flawless, natural and healthy. The foundation has a satin finish and a light to medium coverage, but it is possible to build up to full coverage.
The foundation is a light foundation with SPF 30 and protects the skin against influences from the environment such as UV-light and free radicals because the foundation is filled with antioxidants.
This foundation is oil and scent free and hydrates the skin thanks to a complex based on extract from red fruits, watermelon, lychee seeds and apple. It doesn’t set into your pores so it will not cause acne.


Before using the double wear nude you have to shake very good. It is a very runny foundation so what I do is I turn the bottle and pore a bit onto my fingers. I dot the foundation onto the skin and with a foundation brush I blend it into the skin. You can really take your time with it, because the foundation doesn’t set right away. Ones you’ve blended you are left with a light to medium coverage, but you can repeat this step for full coverage.

You are left with flaweless looking skin. It is set to be 24-hours coverage, I haven’t tried it. But after a full day of running around at night the foundation still looks amazing.

The Double Wear Nude is perfect for an every day foundation and a nude make-up look.

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