Faux bangs

Faux Bangs

Hi guys and welcome to a new blogpost. Today we have a really special one. It is about faux bangs which means that this is a hairstyle where you have the look of bangs without cutting them. This blogpost is for those who always wanted to cut bangs but never had the courage to do it. Well so are we. If you look at bangs, not everyone can pull it of. You have different shapes of your head; round, heart, oval,… and not every shape can pull a nice bang off. We have the perfect solution for you.

​We tried to make bangs out of the ends of our hair but of course actual bangs look a bit more ‘realistic’ as they say. But we are now making a blogpost about it to help you guys figure out if bangs is something you want and if you can pull it of. Want to know how? Keep on reading!


What you will need
⇢ A comb
⇢ Little rubber bands
⇢ Bobby pins (we used 2-3, depends on the thickness of your hair)
⇢ Hairspray
⇢ A hat

Let the game begin

  1. Take a section from the front of your hairline and put it in a little ponytale with a little rubber band.
  2. Tale the ends of the ponytail and place these ends of your hair on the front of your head. try to place it right and if it doesn’t stay you can always take a straighting iron to place it just right.
  3. Is it in a good place? Then set it with dome bobbypins on the top of your had.
  4. Now you have bangs! But wait… It isn’t very cute to walk around with these bobbypins on the top of your head. To make it more realistic, take a hat and put it one like you would usually do. The bobbypins are on the top of your head so if you put the hat on, no one can see anything! 


And there you have it, your own bangs without cutting anything off! Amazing right? This is the perfect way to see if bangs is something for you.

​Good luck and be sure to take a picture and send it to us!

​Love, S and L

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