Festive Make-Up Look

The Christmas season is the perfect time to go outside and join your family and friends for some quality time. But of course the one question is which make-up you are going to wear. If you are like me, then you have to go to your make-up desk to see through all your palettes and find that one you like. Is it going to be shimmery or matt? It’s one heck of a mystery. Well, don’t be afraid, I’m here to help! You need some advice on which eyeshadow colour or which highlight is the best? Just read this blogpost and well go through this step by step!

What do we need?
The important base for a good make-up look is a foundation. Mine is the Luminous Smooth foundation from Maybelline in shade 120. I have been using this one for a couple of years now and it’s perfect for me. It is specially made for those who have normal to dry skin like me! I like this foundation because it gives a flawless finish and is easy to blend. I only put 1 drop of the product on my hand and spread it on my whole face. Then I blend it out with my brush from BE Creative Make Up.
For the following step you are going to need a concealer.
My concealer is also from Maybelline and from the same collection as my foundation. It’s one shade lighter because then you get a highlight-effect to cover the dark circles underneath your eyes. My technique is a triangle of concealer on my under-eyes and then blend it out with a beauty blender.
​For setting all of this we will be using a loose powder. You can pick any kind of powder but I use the one from BE Creative Make Up. With a fluffy brush I spread the loose powder all over my face.
For our eyeshadows we need 3 types of colours. My darkest shade is “Whiskey” from the Naked Smokey Eyeshadow palette. My middle shade is “Firecracker” from the Tartelette palette in bloom. And last is my shimmery shade “Funny girl” which is also from my Tartelette palette in bloom.
First I take my darkest shade and blend it in my crease with a blending brush. Then I take my middle shade to blend the dark shade together with a bit of shimmer in the crease. At last for the eyes, I use my shimmery shade to put it on the eyelid to give my eyes that “wow“-effect.
Next are our eyebrows. Mine are already very dark so I don’t always use a brow pencil but of course for a festive make-up look or another special occasion I will use this. My brow product is the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium brown. I like this because it has 2 important parts in 1 pencil. On the one side you have a spooliebrush to brush your eyebrows and on the other side you have the pencil to colour them. So first I brush my eyebrows and then fill them in with the pencil. Then I blend these again with the spoolie so we don’t see any harsh lines.
To contour and highlight our face, I use my ultime favourite palette from NYX. This one is very handy because it has 2 contour shades, 2 highlighters and 9 eyeshadow colours. I always bring this palette with me when I am going on a trip and can’t bring a ton of make-up. For this post I will be using the lightest shade for the contour and the gold shade for highlighting.
Now for the last part and for me the most important part, mascara. I think this makes your look perfect and who wants to go out with lashes you can’t even see? The one I use is Better than Sex from Too Faced. I bought this mascara when I was in France and because we can’t buy this brand in Belgium I immediately bought this and never ever have I regret this product! It makes your lashes so black and voluminous, it’s perfect. I take my eyelash-curler to curl them and then I do one coat of mascara, let it dry and then do another coat.
So this is the final make-up look! It isn’t very dramatic but with the shimmery eyeshadow colour and the gold highlight it looks very festive. If you like this, than be sure to like the post and go follow us on Instagram and Twitter so you know when there is a new post. I would love to know what some products are that you use for a festive look.

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