Find the Silver Lining

Hi guys, this blogpost is our first blogpost that is only about one item. This one is an earring we got send by an amazing friend who lives here in Belgium. She handmakes her own jewels and we thought we might collaborate. One year ago we got a gift from this brand, Isa en Rosa, and we loved it. Then with Christmas we, again, got earring from them and surprise surprise, loved them too. So a collab was a great idea. We got two earrings, because there are two of us, by choice. When they arrived in the mail we immediatly put them on and adored them! Today there is going to be a review of the first pair and in a few weeks there is going to be another review of the other pair. Enjoy!

earrings-2_origThe one we are going to review today is the silver one. We chose to go silver and gold because I, Lisa has a silver helix and I, Sarah loves gold in combination with my skintone. The silver one is very nice and in the picture it looks a little different than in real life. When it arrived we immediatly saw something we didn’t know when we ordered it and LOVED it. It has a feather-style with the forms but if you want to wear them, the wire is longer than the ear so you can see that there is two sides. Really difficult to explain but if you look at the picture, you will see it. We think this makes the earring not just a “normal” earring but a bit more special and this was a really nice surprise. The material is also very nice and not irritating on the ear.

earring-1_origThis is a very short blogpost but this means that there is only positive things to say about. We really love working with Isa en Rosa and she is so sweet! The collaboration was very nicely and the shipping wasn’t more than a workweek. We adore these jewels and in a few weeks we will keep you updated about the gold earrings!

​Love, S and L

For more info about Isa en Rosa;




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