Gigi Hadid’s Makeup

A while ago Gigi Hadid’s Coast to Coast makeup collection came out and it sold out so fast. The first store we went to had nothing left so we lost all hope but this did not stop us and we drove and drove and drove and finally got our hands on Gigi Hadid Lip Kit. In the lip kit you get the lipstick and lipliner. Over the last couple of weeks we tried them both out and here is our review on it.

We absolutely love it! We bought the shade ‘Lani’. We were kind of thrown of by the color of the box but when swatching this color got our attention. It is such a stunning color. The shade really is the most amazing red, because it’s such a vibrant color. It makes your lips pop. For all the blue eyed girls out there, this shade will make your eyes look amazing!
On the box it said to first fill in your lips with lipstick and then to line the outer edges to get the perfect shape. So we did and it looks amazing. The lipstick glides on super smoothly when applying. It dries matte and with matt lipsticks you can get dry lips, but with this lipstick that does not happen. The shape of the lip liner makes it easy to apply and define the edges.
Even after having an 5-course Christmas dinner, the lipstick lasted nicely.
This kit and especially the lipstick is a must-have! It really is an amazing lipstick and we recommend it to everyone. We are definitely going to buy some more shades if we can get our hands on it because it is a limited edition collection.

Love S and L

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