Today, Sarah came back from her ski vacation and because I had my birthday last Saturday, she couldn’t give her present that exact day. So today, when she got back, I got my present from her. It was a lipstick from Givenchy. I was really excited because it isn’t a matte, it isn’t a lipgloss, it really is a lipstick so smooth it is more like a lip balm. Because a lip balm is a bit boring, she bought this one with a red/rose tone in it. The pro’s of this lip balm is that it is very easy to handle. When you smudge a little on the side, you can easily wipe it off. Because a matte lipstick instantly dries it is really hard to be exactly right between the edges of the lip. But with this one you can take many many tries to have that perfect voluminous lip. With the red slash rose colour in it, it gives that pop of colour. When I work I really want something on my lips that is pretty but also something that is easy; so this is perfect.


In the picture here below you can see the lipstick and how it is on the palm of my hand. Sarah bought it in our local ICI Paris XL shop. She got me the Rouge à Porter in colour “Framboise griffée” number 303. We put the link here down below!


​Love, S and L

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