Golden Days

Hi guys, sunday is blogpost day. Today we have another article about some gold earrings we got from Isa en Roza. A while ago we posted an article about finding our silver lining which was about the silver earrings we also got from them. 

We were very happy about these and have worn it every day since. We also got these gold earrings and were again pleasant surprised. The material is very nice, allergic free and lightweight which is very important to us. We both have pretty sensitive earlobes so these are ideal.  The gold gives that extra touch and makes the skin look a bit more tanned. There aren’t very much words to describe how amazing this brand is. We loved working with them and love to review these sponsored products. If u are interested in buying some earrings, be sure to contact them for any questions!
If you are interested, on the icons below you can easily find them and get in touch.
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​Love, S and L

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