Lazy Sunday

Sunday, that day of the week where you just don’t have to do anything and can spend your whole day in bed. In this blogpost you will see what we both like to do on our sundays when we can just chill the day away. Not thinking about the next Monday when we have to work or go to school but just have no duties planned. To some up, sleeping till 10am, watching some YouTube videos and scrolling on Instagram. Catching up on TV-shows and reading some beauty magazines. Yes, that is mostly it for the day.
When we wake up the first thing we do is watch hours and hours videos from our favourite Youtubers. If you want our top 10  of YouTube be sure to comment it below! Scrolling on Instagram and getting some inspiration for new articles on our Instagram and Blog. These two social media platforms inspire us the most because you can see everyone around the whole world doing what they love. Some of them have own books written and our favourite is from Emme Gelaude. This book is a MUST READ! It is such an inspiration for those who seek creativity and want to make a career in what they love. Definitely Sunday material.

​Finishing our blogpost that we upload on Sunday at 3pm is a priority. We both try our best to do this two times a week and sometimes it is hard with our busy lives but until now we have made it. So when we wake up we go have some breakfast and start reading our blog for details.
Reading some magazines about beauty tips and tricks, different fashion styles and gossip about famous stars is really Sunday Funday! This is also an amazing platform for inspiration but mostly then to see what kind of products we can test for future blogposts. And ofcourse again, catching up on our favourite tv shows. We both ahve the same taste in shows and our faves our mostly Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory, This Is Us and the most amazing tv-show ever made: Game of Thrones. Ofcourse we still have many many other we really like but these are bingewatch material!


​This short blogpost is just a little article about what we love to do on chill sundays. Ofcourse not every week is planned like this, we also have things to do on our sundays but this can sometimes be so entertaining and time for yourself is very important. Keep that in mind!
​Thank you so much for reading this blogpost and see you Wednesday at 3pm for our next one.
​Love, S and L

5 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday”

    1. We mostly watch famous Youtubers who post things like favorites, lifestyle and fashion haul’s. Our favorites are Zoella, Tati, iJustine, Lydia Elisa Millen,… Be sure to follow us on Instagram to get to know us better: TheBeautyKitchen_byus


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