New Years Resolutions

The new year is that time when everybody starts planning the following year to be better then the last one. Some people are pro resolutions, some are against it. We are probably very cliché but it is something everybody, at some point, thinks about doing. So to get a head start we are going to some up what our New Years Resolutions are for 2018. Let’s go!
NO. 1
​We just started blogging and so it is a bit obvious to have a resolution about our blog. Our big dream is to make our blog a platform were we can share our love for beauty and fashion and for other people to get inspired. It is very important for us to get people motivated to do something they have always dreamed about. We always dreamed about doing something with fashion and lifestyle and cooking so we thought why not create our own blog. We hope this is the start of something great.
NO. 2
Be more thankful for everything around you. If you look at the society all around the world, you can see that some people are in so much pain and in need of things we, in Belgium, have everywhere. We need to learn to be thankful for such things. We already get so so much each and everyday that we have to learn this. Also be happy with the little things. the last couple of months in 2017 have been very hard for our family and we wanted to learn to love the little things that happen in our life. If we go out to dinner or we are going to the movies, these things can make someone so happy in that moment. That is something we are going to learn. Don’t stress about he next day that we have to go to school or go to work. NO! Enjoy the moment! Let us learn to appreciate the little things in life and cherish them.
NO. 3
Get fit. Yes we know, this is something that everybody says but maybe 2018 is the year? A healthy body is so good both physically and emotionally. The condition of your body is better and working out gives you such a nice rush. We don’t do a lot of sports because we kind off have a busy life. But new year, new us, which means that our lazy asses need to get of that chair and need to get some excercise. Wat about one jog a week to start? I like the sound of that!
NO. 4
Meeting new people and expanding our social network is a resolution we both want to achieve. In our busy life we don’t have much time to go somewhere and meet new people. We hope we can achieve that with our blog and meet peoples with the same interest as we do and get inspired from them and have amazing times together.​
NO. 5
Go somewhere new. In 2018 we want to visit places we have never been and discover our little country and maybe even the world. We would love to go to the United Stated.  Another idea is a bit closer to home, which is Scotland. We would love to visit Edinburgh.
We hope you loved this post! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and leave a comment telling us what some of your new years resolutions are.

​S and L

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