Outfit of the Day



I’m in love with this outfit! I think it is the perfect combination between casual and chic. The pants are made of a very light material wich is perfect for spring and summer. These ones are from Carol but any pair of paterned pants will work. I paired them with a black sweater from Zara and black boots from Massimo Dutti. The sweater has these little gold buttons on the sleeves wich really compliment with the trousers and make the outfit a bit more chic. The jacket is also from Zara. I paired this outfit with a black hat from H&M and a bag from Michael Kors. On the catwalk of fashion week you can see that the trend for this season is to wear your purse as a clutch, so that is what I did and I really think it does give your outfit a bit extra class.

Today I wore something casual combined with something more classy. I think this is a more daring look because of the black high heels. I have had these for almost 2 years but never wore them. So today I thought why not wear them and I am loving it! Because these boots are more out there I wore some simple jeans from Zeb and a white shirt from Zara. These are some basics. To top the look off I wore my jacket which is also from Zara.

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