Room Clean Up

When you look at my room three things come up. Little, a lot of things and not that special. I am someone who is very attentive to the interior of a room. It can be any kind of room, the bedroom, desk-area … But where I go, I have to motivated by the appearance of the room. The I want to do a lot of business stuff, I need to go to my desk area because there I feel home. I feel that it’s my space, in my style and all organized which keeps me motivated.

My room is pretty little. I have one big bed which takes up – a lot – of space. So I always have to organize everything to make my room as “big and spacious” as possible. But lately it was getting messy and unattractive which makes me feel unorganized. So I decided to choose one day, to organize everything in my closet, everything in my room. Decorate it how I like and feel good about this.

​I first started with organizing my closet. This was a real mess. Normally everything has it’s “place” and now it was all in random places and nothing like me. I took everything out and organized it by colour and type. Shirts with the shirts, all the pants together and all the skirts and dresses together. Also because I have to work in white and black, I took all of these items out of the closet and organized in on my clothingspace in the room itself. I have this IKEA hanger to put my clothes on I always wear. So this is very easy to just put something on really quick and start the day. In my closet I have hangers for all of my dresses I can’t – or don’t want – to fold. These ones I also organized by colour. The pictures below are the before pics of my room!
When my closet with the clothes was ready, I wanted to take my “vanity” and clean this up. This was all disarranged and now I organized it too. My everyday things I put in my Ted Baker bag and the rest in it’s place. I also had to clean everything up because I have a dust allergy so the top of my closet was full of dust. This was a real bummer to clean up because it was very dusty and I had to sneeze all the time. But now my room is dust-free!
I like to change the arrangement of my room so what I did now was put my bed in a different place and put the IKEA clothingrek in my room. Put some throw pillows on the bed and VOILA. There is the whole room make over!

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