Skincare Routine

Hi guys, today we are talking skincare. We both have very different routines because our skin types are completely different. Our favorite skincare products are from Kielh’s, Garnier and L’oréal. The products from Kielh’s are more high end and Garnier and L’oréal are more low-end. In the article below we will both write our experience with our skin and with products to use.


I’ve always struggled with my skin. After years of struggling to find the right products and routine, I can finally say that I am happy with my skin. The products I use are all from Kiehl’s. One day I went in, they did a skin test en half an our later I was on my way home with a bag full of products.
The weather is slowly changing and so does my routine. In the winter I use Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer. I find it to work really well on my oily skin. The moisturizer reduces redness and my skin looks and feels better. When it gets warmer, I find the Skin Rescuer to heavy for my skin and I use the Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream. Because it is oil free it is very light on the skin and reduces shine.
I use one of these two moisturizers in the morning and at night. After I wake up I was my face with water and put on the moisturizer. At night my routine is a bit longer. First I take of my make up, then cleanse my face, I then use a toner and finish with the moisturizer. The cleanser and toner are both from the Calendula collection. The calendula-extract deeply cleanses the skin without drying in out. The face wash is soap and sulfate free, the toner is also alcohol free. If my face needs some extra healing I use a few drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This stuff is magic in a bottle! First of al it smells amazing. When you wake up after using this product your face feels smooth and has this amazing glow because it healed your skin during your sleep. If I have some pimples I also use the concentrate.


I have dry to normal skin. Pimples aren’t really something i struggle with so that means I don’t necessary need a lot of expensive skin care products. In the morning I simply use a daydream from Garnier. After this dries I put my make up on. In the night time I start with Garnier Skinactive Botanic Rosewater Milk to wash my make up off from the day. When my face is clean, I use the Tonic from Rituals. I use two pomps on my hand and massage it in my face. After this I put on a sleeping cream. This is a night cream also from Garnier which contains lavender to help me sleep at night.
Sometimes I feel fancy and I will use a charcoal mask (a peeling mask or mask to wash off). These will make my skin more clear and healthy.
That’s it for today! We hope you liked this post and maybe even find some products that you can use. We would love to know what products you use, so make sure to leave a comment down below. We are thinking about doing a morning or night time routine so if you would like a post on this topic let us know.

​S and L

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