Two Week Update

​​Two weeks have passed since Christmas eve. If u read our last blogposts you know we got a lot of presents that contained makeup. Not every brand is as perfect as the other. If you know something is drugstore price or more high end, you will know what the quality of the product is. And because these were presents and we didn’t know what the prices was of some products we thought to try these products out for two weeks, than see what we think about it and then look up the price to compare. Sounds fun right? Let’s go!
​P.S. In this article you mostly see the packaging of the products and not the eyeshadows itself. In our latest blogpost containing these makeup products you can see the eyeshadow!


NO. 1other-stories-orig_orig
​Eyeshadow palette from & Other Stories. First of all, these colours are all shimmery. For someone who doesn’t want to bring a lot of makeup while travelling as an example this could me ideal. Four different colours is perfect to mix up your look every night. One thing we think is that it would have been better if these colours were two shimmers and two mattes. Because then you could do a smokey eye and with only four shimmers is it a bit difficult. Still the pigmentation is very nice!
​Now most importantly the price … €19! & Other Stories isn’t a very cheap store and because of this product and the packaging we think this is a very good price. It isn’t cheap but for this shop it is pretty decent!

NO. 2
The next one is our ZOEVA palette. This contains a highlighter, contour colour and blush. We are very happy about this palette because the pigmentation is awesome! Certainly the highlighter is amazing. Just one swipe with a brush on the product and then on the face which gives such a nice glowy finish. The contour is also very pigmented! With one swipe you can go a long way!
​We already knew that ZOEVA isn’t very cheap but also not to expensive. So we thought we would take a look on the website and saw that this was €15 which is a very very good price we think! ​For a highlighter, contour and blush in such a nice package! This is incredible!


NO. 3
​Because reviewing all of our presents from two weeks ago is A LOT we thought to take


our last eyeshadow which is from Bobbi Brown. We know this brand is pretty high and
so the quality must be good. This is one eyeshadow in this perfect gold packaging. When we got this present, this was the eyecatcher. Not the colour but the packaging! No no, ofcourse the most important part of this product is the eyeshadow itself so after two weeks we tried it and we think this is amazing. Not everyone likes this metallic look but we do. We mostly go with nude colours but with this one we place it on the eyelid just to give the nude shades some more colour. Bobbi Brown isn’t cheap so we were very curious about the price. This product was €32 and we think this is a bit much… Of course a big part of the price is for the brand but still if u see at the other palettes you see that for less money you can get more…




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