What we got for Christmas

Bath and Body

Our first gift was a perfume. It is the one from Armani Diamonds and smells delicious. It isn’t a floral or sweet scent but more abstract and powerful.
Taking a bath is one of the things we like to do when we are stressed and want to relax. But of course with a very nice scent and products. As presents we got a box of body soaps, creams, scrubs from Rituals. It is The Ritual of Hammam and with eucalyptus. This scent is perfect for a lazy pampering evening. Also the shower gel of La Vie Est Belle is very good to have. It smells just like the perfume and because of the combination of these two you will have a very strong but good scent. Ideal for that evening dinner with your friends.
Sleep is very important and crucial for a good day. Because we have some sleeping problems we got a body lotion to help us sleep more. You put the body lotion before you go to sleep on your skin and helps you fall asleep. We are very excited to try this and will keep you updated!

Money Money Money

Because of all the cash and all your gift and credit cards you obviously need something to store this in and what more ideal than a nice wallet. We both got one and we are very happy about it. They are both little for the purpose that we can have a lot of room in our purse for other stuff. The first one is black with gold detailing. It is from our favorite store & Other Stories. The second one is purple-red colored and also with gold details. This one is from Fossil.  ​

Wake Up and Make Up 
Something we both put on our Christmas list is makeup. Last year we got the Naked Smokey Palette and the NYX palettes but this year we asked for other brands. & Other Stories has a big collection of makeup and we got one of the eyeshadow palettes. These colors are rose-gold and brown to give your eyes a pop of colour but still neutral.  Also from Zoeva we got makeup. Not eyeshadows but a face palette including highlight, contour and blush. These colors ar very subtle but still pretty.
Our last palette was from BE Creative Makeup and has such nice colors with very good pigmentation. It has a lot of shimmer but also matt to create that perfect look.
​We also got a “Luxe Eye Shadow” from Bobby Brown in the colour “Heat Ray”​. And to finish of the look we got a lipstick from & Other Stories in the colour “Mauva Joyau”.

Looks and Books
We are getting a bit repetitive but yes we got another gift from & Other Stories. I think everybody knows we love to shop there! We got this brown sweater with an amazing floral print and some glitter detail. This would look perfect on a black leather skirt.
Shoes… Something to top off that perfect outfit are some nice boots. We got the dark grey high boots from Scapa. They fit perfect around the ankle which makes it very elegant and easy to walk in.

Because we started blogging we wanted a book to help us. Our aunt gave us a book from Emma Gelaude about her career and blog. We hope this will help and inspire us to make a career in the fashion business. ​

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