Makeup Haul – Hema Belgium

Two weeks ago I was shopping in Knokke when I was on a weekend there. I bought a lot of things, including some makeup products from Hema. Because I really want to try out drugstore priced makeup from all kinds of brands I chose to first go with Hema. I already saw a lot of reviews on YouTube and on Google but opinions can differ from person to person. My skin isn’t very problematic so I can test all kinds of makeup out.

The products I bought where a concealer, a foundation and a mascara. Also a nail polish but I have not had the chance to test it out. I am trying to grow my nails because I have very soft nails that easily break. If u want a review on the nail polish of Hema, be sure to comment down below!


I am someone who never had a foundation that matched my skin tone, that was easily to apply or just was to thick for me. What I was looking for in my ideal foundation is my skin tone and the thickness of it. I don’t need a full coverage because I don’t have problems with acne. I still want my skin to breathe and so I needed a light to medium coverage just to put the redness away. I saw that Hema had these foundations and I put them to the test. I tried to find my ideal shade and bought it.The shade I bought is nr. 04. First I thought it was too orange for me. I hate foundations that oxidate very fast and when you look like an orange.


Concealer is a big big MUST for me. I have really dark under eye circles that I hate. I want to cover them as much as I can but because I have a lot of days where I don’t use foundation so my concealer must be in the same skin tone as my foundation. Normally the concealer is one or two shades lighter but I prefer the same shade. I had the opportunity to choose between two types of concealer. The one I bought was with a brush and where you had to rotate the part underneath to activate the concealer. I had to rotate it many many times so I didn’t really know if it was activated but after a while I saw the product coming out. First I thought that it was too light for my skin but actually it is the ideal colour. My shade is shade 80 and it is in one of the best concealers I have ever tried. It gives an amazing natural finish and covers the darkness pretty good. The only thing I’m concerned about is that I will run out of it quickly. The tube is very very small and I had to rotate it multiple times before there was product.


I can’t leave the house without a mascara. If I had to choose between concealer and mascara I will definitely choose the second one. I had one mascara that I adored but ran out and because I can’t buy it in Belgium I had to find another pretty similar as the one I was used too. I had the Better than Sex from Too Faced and it was my ultimate favorite. Hema has a lot of mascaras for all different goals. My goal is to achieve long separated lashes. That’s why I chose the Ultimate Lash Catcher which separates your lashes and gives length. I was so excited to try this one out. My first application went pretty well. It did separated my lashes and gave length. But I have very tiny lashes so it wasn’t a mascara that gives a lot of volume.

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In general I was really excited to try these products and my finale thoughts are very positive. Of course, the perfect foundation, concealer or mascara is very hard to find. But because these are drugstore priced I can’t expect the worlds best foundation. That’s why I give the foundation a 6 out of 10. Concealer a 8 out of 10 and mascara also 8 out of ten.

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