How To Style a Black Leather Skirt

A black leather skirt; you can rock it or look trashy. What do we want? Yes, we want to rock the world. We have made five different outfits with one skirt for five different occasions.

Work outfit

Wear a simple blue blouse with a black cardigan or blazer. If you wear your leather skirt like that, it can be a perfect outfit to go to a meeting or lunch with colleagues.

Party outfit

Take your leather skirt and put a nice black top above it. Because it’s all black, you can take a purse with a lot of colour and in this way you are simple but Oh My God so fashionable. You can get ready in under five minutes and get out the door without worrying about anything.

Breezy day

If it isn’t that warm outside but you still want to wear this leather skirt, just put on a black pullover and a printed jacket above it. This way you still have that colour in your outfit and something against the cold.

Hot but still classy

Want something classy but it’s really hot outside? My lifesaver is a turtleneck with a lot of colour but no sleeves. The sleeveless turtleneck will show a bit of a classy look without getting really hot.

Shopping day

Want to go shopping with some friends? Just take any kind of t-shirt with a logo on it. I took the Marcel T-shirt but you can also take a Levi’s shirt wit their logo on it or Fila’s or whatever you like.


To finish these looks, I topped it off with some popping jewelry with a blue tone and a lot of rings. Take some black heels for a party or work and a nice sneaker for shopping and there you have it. Five looks for five different occasions!


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