Morning Routine – Lisa

Hi guys! Today is sunday and we have a blogpost ready for you. Relax and enjoy your sunday while reading this post. My routines differ from workweek to weekend so because it’s sunday, I will tell my weekend morning routine.

First ofcourse waking up. This is the most crucial thing of a morning routine (winks). And like every person who can chill the whole day, I take my phone and start scrolling in Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. About an hour later I choose between going downstairs or staying in bed for a while longer and take my laptop to watch some TV and if you already know me, I am the most TV- addicted person so guess what… TV it is.

About an hour later I go downstairs to prepare breakfast. In the weekend my dad always goes to the bakery and gets the most delicious things ever so sorry guys, no special Instagram inspired breakfast…

After breakfast I get up go watch some more TV or go upstairs to get ready. Sunday is my hair washing day so I will go to my bathroom, brush my teeth and take a long relaxing bath. I wash my hair with the Head&Shoulders shampoo Citrus Fresh. I don’t use conditioner very often because my hair is greasy quickly and conditioner doesn’t really help with this process… I wash myself with the Dove Foam Pampering Pistachio and guys, this is the best smelling shower foam ever.

When I get out of my bath I will prepare my skin with a daydream, brush my hair and let it airdry for a bit while doing my makeup. On a chill sunday I will mostly just enjoy a naked face with just some concealer and mascara but when I have an event in the afternoon I will do a whole face of natural makeup. Next I blow-dry my hair and BTW If you want a blogpost about how I do my hair, comment it down below!

I take some clothes and voila, I am all ready and approved to go out in the open! I really love watching morning routines on YouTube and reading them so I hope you guys will love mine as wel! Comment down below what your thoughts were!

Love, Lisa

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