A lil’ chat

Hi guys! Welcome again to our blog. Today we weren’t in our mood to make cute lookbook pictures but we did want a little chitchat with you guys. You know, to know a bit more about each other. In the follow paragraphs we will tell you more about our current lifestyle, our vision on the world and what is on our minds.

So, a few weeks ago we both read an article in our local newspaper about a man who had written something about the world. In detail, about our plastic world. We aren’t going to tell you everything in detail (we are writing an article about plastic for a future blogpost), but we wanted to share that since we read that article, we have changed our daily uses to trying it plastic-free. So if u want us to write an article about how we try to live plastic free, let us know!

If we do things the way we are doing it now, there won’t be a long future for us. This is scary to read but seriously, our grandchildren will live in a world so much worse than this one we are living in. Yesterday, I was waiting on my bus to arrive and I just saw someone opening her Marlboro pack of sigarettes and throwing the plastic away on the ground. Not even throwing it in a bin on the street but no, just on the ground. That was really eye-opening to me.

We are really trying to live plastic friendly but oh my god this is so hard. Everything you see in the grocery store is stored and packed in plastic. But really, try it! Try living plastic friendly and it gives u so much more in life and gives u motivation to do it more and more. Those millions of plastic in the ocean can’t be because of you because you are living plastic friendly. Try it and let us know what u think.


Love, S and L

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