Yoga Time

Hi guys! Today my blogpost is going to be about yoga. Recently I have been going through some stuff and needed to search things that made me feel happy. I was really stressed out and wanted to calm down but nothing did. So I thought, why not try some yoga?

On YouTube there is a channel “Yoga with Adrienne” and I am in love with it. She is such an inspiration and has yoga practices for everything. Insomnia, stress melt, bedtime yoga, morning yoga, for beginners,… Need something, you will find it there. The first time I did some yoga with her channel, I felt relaxed and motivated. Her kind and sweet words are extremely motivational in such a way that I would want to change my whole life (in a positive way). Since then, I almost did some yoga everyday and it is really relaxing. I have tried the yoga for beginners, stress melt, bedtime yoga, …

So if u are looking for something to calm u down during a busy day, to just do something “active” or something for fun. You can do it with yoga!

Also I have been into the science part behind this calming method and it is really inspirational. I have found an ideal thing to do when I am stressed and after a yoga session I feel relieved and lucky. Try it a couple of times and tell me what you think!


Love, L

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