One Year with Apple Watch

Almost one year ago, I bought my first Apple Watch. When this came out I wasn’t that obsessed about it. Then my father and my sisters got it and I got to see what that watch could do. This watch could do anything, really. You can personalize it completely.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

It can monitor your heart rate, you can pick from a lot of work-outs and it really motivates you. You can set a standard of steps and calories you want to achieve everyday and it tells you when you have to walk a bit to complete your goal. You can text with it, call someone and don’t have to hold your phone the whole time to see if you have a message. It is something so smart, It couldn’t go a day without. I honestly feel empty and ‘naked’ if I am not wearing my Apple watch.

On your phone you have two apps to control your watch. The first is to personalize your apps, do software updates, to control the messages you want to get on your watch etc. The second app is for your activities. With this app you can see how active you have been in the time you wear your apple watch. I was mindblown about how inactive I was before. Now if I see I need to walk a bit more I will alway take the steps. This watch really motivates you to be more active.





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