Marie Jo X Polienne

On the 18th of February I did something crazy. Something I would have never done before but this was a “once in a lifetime” – chance. We all know the famous Paulien Riemis, a belgian blogger and fashion icon. We both followed her for a long time on Instagram. She had posted an Instastory about Marie Jo Lingerie. This is a very famous lingerie brand in Belgium with very good quality.


Marie Jo and Paulien have been working together and on the 9th of February she announced that they are working on an video together and were looking for 4 girls. All 4 with different bodytypes. These were: apple, tomboy, pear and hourglass. They needed girls who looked natural with all shapes and sizes. I thought, why not just send an e-mail just to see what it would do. Ofcourse I was all the time thinking that I wouldn’t get the chance because there would be a lot of different girls with better shapes. So I wasn’t hoping for this to come true.


I got a response on my e-mail to say that they will send an e-mail around the 12th if I got selected. So of course I was checking my inbox non-stop. I didn’t get an email on that monday so I thought that I didn’t get selected. February 14th, around the afternoon I got an e-mail from Marie Jo. I was selected! I was so excited I immediately called my mom and dad. I of course responded that I was still available. So it was official. I was selected to participate in the video shoot from Marie Jo X Polienne.

​The shoot was taken in Gent-Brugge. I had to be there around 9.30 am so I had to get up at 6.30 in the morning. I was full of adrenaline to be tired! When I arrived there was another girl waiting outside. We were already talking and she looked pretty fun. When we got in the loft we had to go in hair and makeup. This was so fun because this was the first time for me to do such a professional shoot. Because the whole day was to shoot all different video’s it took a while for us to get in front of the camera. Our shoot was in different takes. The first was the four girls in white shirts. This was because then Paulien could tell the viewers about our body shapes, which bra is perfect for this shape and why. Take 2 was when we had to change in the bra we got for our body shape. For me it was a red one that you can wear halter-style or the normal way. The last take – take 3 – was an outfit. Paulien has a really good style and special ideas for each body shape. I saw my outfit and was in love. It was a long jeans skirt from Vila Global and the blouse was from Zara. When I wore this I felt gorgeous. This outfit was my all-time favorite.

At the end of the shoot we were able to talk a bit with Paulien and we took a boomerang for Instagram with the 4 girls and Paulien. It was very fun and have never experienced something amazing like this. It made me think that I really want to do something in the fashion industry. I fell in love.

Because I will never forget this day I wanted to include a couple of pictures to give you guys a taste of what this was like. Ofcourse the video itself is the most important part so I will put the link down below!

Love, L

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