Packing For a Citytrip

Tomorrow I am leaving to Berlin for 5 days. The weather app says it’s going to be 25-27 degrees so this is going to be a hot citytrip. Normally in the summer we do a vacation for three weeks but this summer we chose to go a few days. Berlin is a city full of history, culture and nature. I am very excited to go but I can’t bring to much. We are traveling with the car so we need to pack light.


  • Pack lots of basics: this way u can mix some pieces to get lots of different outfits. I always pack a whites and blacks. Some jeans and this u can pair with a lot of things.
  • Take a few bright colored things to combine with the basics. I have one bright red dress and one white laced dress. These two dresses are more statement pieces and combine it with a simple black shoe and black handbag and there u have the perfect outfit.
  • Take two pairs of shoes: a white and black one. These shoes u can pair with everything and ofcourse they need to be comfortable. I will always take sneakers so I can walk miles and miles in a city without my feet full of blisters.



  • Take for everyday a different shoe. I always pack too much shoes. This time I have a white sneaker, black sneaker, a black sandal and blue shoe. I know I will probably not wear the sandal and blue shoe but still I can’t live with bringing not enough shoes. Sorry not sorry.
  • Take different statement pieces and no basics. This will make sure u end up with a lot of outfit pieces that are very nice and not combining any of them because they don’t fit together. I made this mistake a lot! So now, only basics and two statement pieces.
  • Bring a lot of makeup. This is a citytrip, not a catwalk. And ofcourse in this time of the season the makeup will just melt of your face. I just bring my daycream and a mascara. Sometimes I will bring my concealer but this time just mascara. I like the look with only bright big eyes and a pit of an uneven skin. This makes it much more natural.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


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