Hi guys! A week ago I went to Berlin  for a couple of days. In this blogpost I will describe all the things we did and what this was. Enjoy!

Day 1:

On the first day we did the ‘standard’ things you do in Berlin like the Holocaust memorial, Sony Center, Fernsehturm, Topographie des Terrors, … My main goal this citytrip was to discover everything about world ward 2. This topic is very fascinating for me and I really like to know so much about it. Berlin was a big big topic during worldwar 2. Also the Berlin Wall and it’s history is a big part of this city. If u are interested in these things, Berlin is a must on your to-do list!

The holocaust memorial is a memorial for all the jews who have been murdered during this period. This was really breathtaking.


Day 2:

The second day we did a bike tour. Baja bikes was it called and they had a lot of different tour but we chose to take the tour that takes us to all the pieces left from the Berlin  wall. This was my favorite part of the whole trip. The Berlin wall was meant to separate East and West Berlin. Because in that time, some had lost their family because a part lived in the East and a part in the West. This wall was there for years and years until 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall. Because East and West were totally different places there were only three checkpoints where you could cross the boundary. One of the most popular is Checkpoint Charlie, which we visited too.

Later that day we went to Berlin Underworld. This museum is with a guide that takes you to this big bunker underground and all it’s tiny rooms. this was really breathtaking and if  u visit Berlin, this is a must!


Day 3:

The last day we went to Kurfürstendam, where there is a church that was a strong target during the war. This church was highly destroyed but they let it be like that to show the tourists now how bad it was. This church is called the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche.

Also the DDR-museum is very interesting. This museum is all about what it was living during the war in East Berlin because the East was taken over by the DDR ( Deutsche Demokratische Republik).

A short but helpful guide to a perfect three day citytrip in Berlin!

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