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Hi guys! Long time no see but I am finally here again! Maybe it was pretty clear how absent I was on social media and that has it’s reasons. I just needed some time off social media and figure out some things! Also… I am turning to an English blog again. Last year I blogged in English but I wasn’t very good at it so decided to go for my native language. But now I’ve decided to go to English again. Why? Because one it is a great lesson for me, and two, so I can reach out to a lot of people who don’t speak Dutch… So that’s why!

Now back to the subject of this blogpost… A while ago I received my 3th Goodieboxand wow how excited was I! I have been receiving their boxes for now three months and I am totally in love with this concept. The theme of this box was “on the go” which is something very close to my heart. I am always rushing to catch my bus or train and don’t always have the time to do my hair or make-up properly unless I wake up 2 hours before I have to leave… So this theme is really nice! Want to know what is in the box? Keep on reading 😉


Like I said, I am pretty busy with always being on the road to go to school or work. That means that I don’t always have the time of the world to wash my hair or do my makeup. And Goodieboxcame to the rescue! They launched their “on the go”- box with 7 goodies in it that’s all about being on the way. 7 goodies that are in travel size but also normal size! It contains an awesome dry-shampoo, a cleanser, toothbrush,… Keep on reading!


Batiste Mini Dry Shampooimg_3196

I literally use dry-shampoo every single week. I am someone that gets greasy hair pretty easily so I freaking loved it when this one was in the Goodiebox. If u ain’t got time to wash your beautiful locks, this is key! And the smell… It is floral and wauw just so nice… A real lifesaver and if u want to go to a festival or on a holiday, this is perfect to bring along!





Rodail Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water

This cleansing water is great for your skin! It contains vitamin B, rosewater and red plant resin (that’s why the colour is red). If u press 3 times with a cotton pad on the dispenser you can take your make-up off effortless!  And it leaves a nice glowy finish!





Beaver Marula Oil Shampoo

This shampoo is great for those who struggle with extremely dry damaged hair. I personally don’t have dry damaged hair but more oily. But it gives an amazing healty shine… Also pretty handy because it is travel-sized to bring along with ya!



BellaPierre Banana Setting Powder

This powder is amazing, wauw… It has a banana colour and that’s great because you won’t get that white powdery look on your face. I always struggled with a powder that is too light and then my face looked extremely white… So this is amazing! And you won’t believe what I am going to tell you…but a big secret of Kim Kardashian is using banana powder to set her makeup! And who doesn’t want a product that our biggest icon uses?!




Toothbrush Goodiebox

For those who have an electric toothbrush but don’t want to take that electric one with the charger along with you on your vacation? I get you! So Goodiebox came out with their own! A beautiful pastel pink toothbrush to bring along on your vaycay or a festival! Do you feel the summervibes already? Cuz I do!




Niré Kabuki Brush

This make-up brush is ideal for setting your banana powder, or ofcourse any powder bat all! U can even use it with bronzer, blush or contour! It is extremely soft and with the thin fibers, it gives a great finish! Love it!





Ofcourse we can’t forget the literal base of this “on the go”-box. The Goodiebox Zip Bag! The pink is so beautiful and reminds me of the American makeup brand Glossier! I am in love with it and already have it in my purse to go to school!





Some really nice ‘know-abouts’ about Goodiebox:

  • It is a box of 5 to 7 products (full-size aswell as travel-size)
  • One box is €19,95 a month with a value of more than €65! Amazing right?
  • You have the option to cancel or pause your subscription every month!
  • Via this link, you can purchase your first Goodiebox!


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