Goodiebox “Sunny Side Up” – June

Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago I received my fourth Goodiebox!with some great stuff! This Goodiebox!is still from june but I was on a vacation for 2 weeks and 1 day later on a trip with some friends. I didn’t get the chance to write my blogpost so that’s why there was such a delay… I’m so sorry!

Buttt… Now let’s begin! The Goodiebox! of june was all about skincare so all the products in this box were skincare- related products. Because it was the beginning of the summer, there were some summer-based stuff in there. We have a face mask, makeup remover wipes, foot balm, a moisturizing gel , etc.

PS… All the pictures of the products are at the bottom of the blogpost! Have fun reading 😉



The first products that I saw were the makeup remover wipes. I was very happy with these because I was going on summer vacation with my family and I needed to get some of these wipes. So it came in very handy that I got these ones in the box! I already have been trying these ones for 2 weeks and I they are great! They remove the makeup easily and it feels refreshing!

The second product is an aftersun face mask. I haven’t had the chance to try it out but I am just back from my sunny vacation so I will be using this mask one of the upcoming days! It is great to put on your face if u just went on vacay or you are back from a day at the beach with a lot of sun!

Then there is an Ice Source moisturizing gel from Polaar. This gel is for those days that you need some refreshment. It makes your face feel hydrated, silky-smooth and glowing! A must-have!!

The next product is from Rituals and I have never heard of it! A foot balm! When I go shopping I would’ve never felt the urge to buy a foot balm but actually it’s very important! Summer is the time that we go out a lot on vacation but also just on a trip and we walk walk and walk. So not only your face and body but also your feet need some love… This foot balm is great for that! Just wash and dry your feet and then massage this balm on them!

Then we have a Aloë Vera gel. A few years ago I visited an Aloë Vera plantation in Gran Canaria and so I did know what this product could do. It is something you can use for almost everything. If u have a small wound, a bruise or an insectbite. Just use this gel on top of it and it will heal!

And then the last product is great for those who have long nails or those who want long nails. The pointy end of the stick is to push back your cuticles and so they have more room to grow! This one is from Fulgent World.


Maybe some interesting information about Goodiebox!

  • It is a box of 5 to 7 products (full-size aswell as travel-size)
  • One box is €19,95 a month with a value of more than €65! Amazing right?
  • You have the option to cancel or pause your subscription every month!
  • Via this link, you can purchase your first Goodiebox!


Here are all the pictures! Let me know what your thoughts are of this blogpost!

Lots of love, Lisa





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