A New Serie: Dorm-Life

So I am starting a new chapter in my life. And no actually it’s not that big of a thing but for me it is. I am moving into a student room (a dorm) for the upcoming year. I feel extremely excited and have been planning it for the past month. And so I ‘ve seen that going into a dorm takes a lot of planning. Because of that, I want to make a new series.

I am going to post a few different articles about my steps and my plans on how to deal with the moving and decorating. It won’t be every day or once a week but it will be going online in the steps that I am taking myself. In the weekends I still have to work and I will be going on a trip for 5 days. So I’ll be writing this serie of me moving in a dorm when I can! Every day that I have a day off I am planning things for the dorm so I’ll try to write my articles on those days!

I came up with this idea very sudden. I was looking online “how to prepare yourself for the dorm-life” and I found some interesting and helpfull tips, but no that many. And I know that I’m not the only one with this struggle. So because I have a platform where I can share these kinds of things ( my blog 😉 ) I want to do so. I am really excited but also frightened to move to a place all by myself. It will be a really special adventure but I will also be able to discover myself in all kinds of new ways. That’s also why I’m so excited.

I’ll post these articles even if it only helps 1 person who is really excited but also very scared to move into a student house.

I hope to help you guys and maybe you can also give me tips because you know, I am kinda a newbie in this world…


Lots of love


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