Goodiebox “Wear Your Pride”

Hi, hello, and welcome to my Goodiebox “Wear Your Pride” blogpost. I’ve had a lot of delay with this box because I was on vacation for 2 weeks and when I was away, the package came but nobody was home. Then I went on a 5 day trip so didn’t get the chance to pick my Goodiebox up so some weeks later, here we are… Finally the chance to talk about this months box!

I was extremely excited to receive this one! I did get some spoilers about it because I received it so late and I knew the theme was pride. But the products that had to do with this theme I didn’t know. I opened the box straigth away because I was too excited and my excitement was wright. When I opened it there was one thing that got my attention straight away and that was the eyeshadow palette.

Laritzy Cosmetics – Athena Eyeshadow Collection

This eyeshadow palette is so amazing because it has different shades of rose, some matte and some glitter. Perfect for a natural look or one with a bit more glamour. I have already used it multiple times and it applies really nicely. You do have to use quite a lot to get it pigmented but I am very happy about it.  I was thinking to maybe do a blogpost about a makeup tutorial with this palette so let me know what you think!


Ilse Jacobsen – SUN Seaweed Face Cream

This face cream is made out of seaweed from Hornbaek and is amazing for hydrating the skin. It has an anti-aging an protective effect for any skintype what so ever. If it’s hot outside this one is perfect as a refreshment on the skin! How to use it is also pretty simple. Apply a decent amount of product (a teaspoon) on your face 1 or 2 hours before you go in the sun. If u use less the protection won’t be that great. Also when you get out of the sun it is recommended to use it again. Reapply is key!


Niré – Domed Blending Brush

I was really glad to receive a bleding brush in one of the Goodieboxes. Why? Because I really needed a new one, haha 😉 . This one is amazing because it is so soft and the glitters inside the brush are so cute. Also with the rose gold details it fits perfectly in my rose Goodiebox ziplock bag from a few boxes ago! It was nice to receive this one together with the eyeshadow palette so you can use them together.


INC.redible – Chase Your Rainbow Sheet Mask

This one is hilarious. I thought it was just an ordinary face mask in white colours but no! The picture on the packaging is also how the mask looks! Bright purple with a rainbow on it! When I saw this I had to laugh so loudly because this is just awesome! This mask is easy to use, just let it sit on your face for 20 minutes an then take it off and massage the rest of the product on your skin.


Emité Make Up – Nail Lacquer (red)

The lastly, I received a nail polish. The colour is very pretty, a bright red one! Perfect if you go on a date or family dinner, or you just want to enjoy yourself and have a pamper evening. I haven’t had the chance to try this one on but I will tell u guys as soon as possible!


Some really nice ‘know-abouts’ about Goodiebox:

  • It is a box of 5 to 7 products (full-size aswell as travel-size)
  • One box is €19,95 a month with a value of more than €65! Amazing right?
  • You have the option to cancel or pause your subscription every month!
  • Via this link, you can purchase your first Goodiebox!

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