Dorm life: chapter 1

Hello my friends, and welcome to my first article of my new serie “dorm life”. If you didn’t read my latest blogpost about me writing a new blogserie, than you probably don’t really know what this is. So to give you a heads up, I am writing a few articles about me moving into a student-room for the very first time and want to share my experiences with you. Because this is my first time I am planning a lot but also finding out certain things. So if you are interested in reading about this because you are moving out of your house or just because you are interested, keep on reading and enjoy!

This part of dorm life will be about the dorm itself. Have you found one already or you still need to search one? I’ve had to compromise on some things so you can read about that! It’s also about budgeting so that you still have enough money for the next month. Or if you are supported by your parents that you don’t go and spend it all out. So here we go!


Have you found a dorm yet? 

What I have experienced is that you can be too early and too late with this. If u are too early, people can take advantage of you and try to make you hire a dorm for a higher price. It is because people aren’t always sure that they will have a dorm by the beginning of the year. I’ve found my dorm at the end of june. But that was actually a bit late. I had to compromise on a few things because I was so late. I’ve had the chance to get a dorm where I had my own bathroom (shower and toilet for my own) but the room didn’t have that much light. And so the dorm I chose had so much light, which is very important for me but now I don’t have my own shower and toilet. That, I’ll have to share so I had to compromise on these things but my need of natural light is much much more than my need of my own bathroom.



This chapter is really really important. Some students don’t have the support of their parents and have to make their own living. Others do have the support of their parents. But both ways, you have to keep an eye on the money that you spent. It isn’t because your parents pay all the things back that you can spend as much as you want. So that’s why you have to make sure that there is an agreement. In my case, my parents pay back my rent for the dorm and also my weekly spendings for food and drinks and going to school. But I have a student job so that means that I also have some sort of income. Because of that I do have to pay for food if I’m going out with friends, or if I’m going to a restaurant etc. That’s also normal because you have to make sure you can go along with money and a budget.

If you aren’t suppported by your parents, which a lot of people are in this situation, than no problem. But do try to make a budgetplanner so you can plan out all the things. If you only have a certain amount of money where u have to pay your monthly rent but also still have to live from, try to write everything down. Make a planner or an excelsheet where you put all your spendings in so you can see where you spend the most money on. It will give you clarity on the things you spend and maybe you can cut down the things that aren’t that necessary. And maybe you can spend the next month a bit more. But this is a must: planning, planning and planning!!

I am maybe thinking about making my own budget-planner so if u are interested, make sure to let me know!!


Hope this was some kind of helpfull and see you in the next dorm life chapter!




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