Dorm life: chapter 2

Hello my dear friends and welcome to dorm life chapter 2. In this article I will be talking about the interior and how big your dorm is. This is important because in that way you can measure out perfectly which supplies and furniture you need and if you have the space for it. I’ will also talk about the things I’m buying and what my common stores are to buy those things (budget-friendly).


First of all: how big is your dorm?

This question is very important. The first time I visited my dorm, it was pretty nice. I entered the room and it looked very spacious. But ofcourse, furniture does it all. Because I wanted to have a decently big room, or at least wanted to look like it, I was trying to measure everything out. I knew that it was 16 m² but ofcourse that isn’t always easy to visualize. So, here is the key. I used an online site to measure it out. The site is called “Planner 5D” and it is so easy to use! You just have to know all the sizes of everything you need and then you can start decorating. I will be showing you how my final result looks but 1 tip. Try to look everything up. You want a bookshelf? Go look it up which one you want, look for the exact measurements and fill it in. Do that with everything and then you won’t be up for suprises when you are actually decorating your room because you’ve had it all planned out.

This is my result: Kot inrichting 1

I knew my room was 16m², my bed was 140x200cm and etc. Just try to plan everything out, seek for those things you want, measure them and then you can buy them. If you change your mind, try it first in this planner so you’ll see that it isn’t too big or small!


Step 2: the shops I love

I am that person who will always try to spend as little as I can. So because of that I’ll try to find the cheapest (but ofcourse with decent quality) furniture and decoration. But decoration is also the thing that’s very important so sometimes I will spend a couple of euro’s more on something because it will look nicer. Ofcourse the first and cheapest store ever: IKEA. My all-time favorite. I will never visit IKEA without buying something. Even if it isn’t that necessairy 😉

Also Blokker, Hema and Casa are very nice stores. Casa is more for decoration, Blokker for the things you need like cooking pans, knives,… and Hema is for the little things like a duvet for your bed etc… I literally love shopping there because everything is just so budget-friendly and decent quality.

And at last, a store that is more expensive for decoration than others, but wow their collection… It’s H&M home. They have the most beautiful porcelain mugs, plates, candles,… I just love to walk through their store and watch everything…. I’ve bought a vase (from recycled glass) and a flower pot.


So this was my dorm life chapter 2 with (hopefully) some helpfull tips to make decorating your room a bit easier. Because school is in 1 week, my last blogpost about dorm-life will be up next week!

I’ll also be doing a room tour if you’d like!


Lots of love




BTW: here you can see a little sneak peek of what my dorm looks like! Exciting right? 😉

Sneak peek of my room


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