Goodiebox “Recharge”

Hi guys and welcome to this new article about Goodiebox. This month was all about recharging yourself. I think this theme is so important because we all need to recharge our mental and physical state sometimes. Our body does that when we sleep at night but that’s not always enough. During the day we sometimes also need to take a step back and recharge ourselves. This motivates us and charges our human batteries.

Goodiebox helps us recharge with this box. Why? Because pampering yourself can feel so freaking good, that the day after you feel extremely motivated to start your day. So, now is the question. Which products are in the box that will recharge our batteries? Well, let’s see…


HairLust – Hair Growth Formula Gummies (€32,95 for 90 gummies)

These gummies are amazing. This is so far my favourite product ever. I love gummies and candy but the combo of gummies and the healthy side of it blows my mind. These candies are full of minerals and vitamines that are awesome for your hair. I take 1 a day but actually you need to take 3. That is the recommended amount of gummies you’ll have to take for the full effect. But in the Goodiebox there are only 45 so I wanted to take 1 each day so I have it longer…


Fulgent World – File (€10)

This glass file is very small so it’s perfect to take it with you on the go! But it’s not just a file, it’s made from glass! This is much better for your nails, so they don’t split, break and they strengthen the nail! Awesome right?


ZARKOPERFUME – PINK MOLéCULE 090*09 (€125 for 100ml)

This little parfume wasn’t what I expected when I saw the bottle. I was thinking a sweet and floral scent but it wasn’t like this. When I sprayed it on, it had a special scent. It’s still floral and sweet but has a more intens and darker vibe to it. And that’s why I loved it. Most of those floral parfumes I don’t really like but because this has some kind of darker vibe to it, I do like it!


-417 – Time Control Firming Mask (€39 for 100ml)

This mask is really satisfying and the magical ingrediënts are from the dead sea. It absorbs the oil and unclearness in your skin. Also it exfoliates your dead skincells so this is literally a recharge of your skin! Your skin feels so smooth after your 10-minute mud mask and after this, cleanse it with some hot water!


Mudmasky – Aftermask Vitamin Serum (€59)

This is an hydrating aftermask which is perfect after your mudmask from -417. It’s made out of seaweed and seaplants so they give your skin an energyboost! Bring this on your skin after the mudmask and you’ll feel as good as new! I tried the mudmask and then this aftermask and it feels so smooth and soft! It does have a weird smell but you feel that the mask is good for your skin! So I love it!

Some really nice ‘know-abouts’ about Goodiebox:

  • It is a box of 5 to 7 products (full-size aswell as travel-size)
  • One box is €19,95 a month with a value of more than €65! Amazing right?
  • You have the option to cancel or pause your subscription every month!
  • Via this link, you can purchase your first Goodiebox!

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