Packing For a Citytrip

Tomorrow I am leaving to Berlin for 5 days. The weather app says it’s going to be 25-27 degrees so this is going to be a hot citytrip. Normally in the summer we do a vacation for three weeks but this summer we chose to go a few days. Berlin is a city full of history, culture and nature. I am very excited to go but I can’t bring to much. We are traveling with the car so we need to pack light.


  • Pack lots of basics: this way u can mix some pieces to get lots of different outfits. I always pack a whites and blacks. Some jeans and this u can pair with a lot of things.
  • Take a few bright colored things to combine with the basics. I have one bright red dress and one white laced dress. These two dresses are more statement pieces and combine it with a simple black shoe and black handbag and there u have the perfect outfit.
  • Take two pairs of shoes: a white and black one. These shoes u can pair with everything and ofcourse they need to be comfortable. I will always take sneakers so I can walk miles and miles in a city without my feet full of blisters.



  • Take for everyday a different shoe. I always pack too much shoes. This time I have a white sneaker, black sneaker, a black sandal and blue shoe. I know I will probably not wear the sandal and blue shoe but still I can’t live with bringing not enough shoes. Sorry not sorry.
  • Take different statement pieces and no basics. This will make sure u end up with a lot of outfit pieces that are very nice and not combining any of them because they don’t fit together. I made this mistake a lot! So now, only basics and two statement pieces.
  • Bring a lot of makeup. This is a citytrip, not a catwalk. And ofcourse in this time of the season the makeup will just melt of your face. I just bring my daycream and a mascara. Sometimes I will bring my concealer but this time just mascara. I like the look with only bright big eyes and a pit of an uneven skin. This makes it much more natural.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Marie Jo X Polienne

On the 18th of February I did something crazy. Something I would have never done before but this was a “once in a lifetime” – chance. We all know the famous Paulien Riemis, a belgian blogger and fashion icon. We both followed her for a long time on Instagram. She had posted an Instastory about Marie Jo Lingerie. This is a very famous lingerie brand in Belgium with very good quality.


Marie Jo and Paulien have been working together and on the 9th of February she announced that they are working on an video together and were looking for 4 girls. All 4 with different bodytypes. These were: apple, tomboy, pear and hourglass. They needed girls who looked natural with all shapes and sizes. I thought, why not just send an e-mail just to see what it would do. Ofcourse I was all the time thinking that I wouldn’t get the chance because there would be a lot of different girls with better shapes. So I wasn’t hoping for this to come true.


I got a response on my e-mail to say that they will send an e-mail around the 12th if I got selected. So of course I was checking my inbox non-stop. I didn’t get an email on that monday so I thought that I didn’t get selected. February 14th, around the afternoon I got an e-mail from Marie Jo. I was selected! I was so excited I immediately called my mom and dad. I of course responded that I was still available. So it was official. I was selected to participate in the video shoot from Marie Jo X Polienne.

​The shoot was taken in Gent-Brugge. I had to be there around 9.30 am so I had to get up at 6.30 in the morning. I was full of adrenaline to be tired! When I arrived there was another girl waiting outside. We were already talking and she looked pretty fun. When we got in the loft we had to go in hair and makeup. This was so fun because this was the first time for me to do such a professional shoot. Because the whole day was to shoot all different video’s it took a while for us to get in front of the camera. Our shoot was in different takes. The first was the four girls in white shirts. This was because then Paulien could tell the viewers about our body shapes, which bra is perfect for this shape and why. Take 2 was when we had to change in the bra we got for our body shape. For me it was a red one that you can wear halter-style or the normal way. The last take – take 3 – was an outfit. Paulien has a really good style and special ideas for each body shape. I saw my outfit and was in love. It was a long jeans skirt from Vila Global and the blouse was from Zara. When I wore this I felt gorgeous. This outfit was my all-time favorite.

At the end of the shoot we were able to talk a bit with Paulien and we took a boomerang for Instagram with the 4 girls and Paulien. It was very fun and have never experienced something amazing like this. It made me think that I really want to do something in the fashion industry. I fell in love.

Because I will never forget this day I wanted to include a couple of pictures to give you guys a taste of what this was like. Ofcourse the video itself is the most important part so I will put the link down below!

Love, L

One Year with Apple Watch

Almost one year ago, I bought my first Apple Watch. When this came out I wasn’t that obsessed about it. Then my father and my sisters got it and I got to see what that watch could do. This watch could do anything, really. You can personalize it completely.

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It can monitor your heart rate, you can pick from a lot of work-outs and it really motivates you. You can set a standard of steps and calories you want to achieve everyday and it tells you when you have to walk a bit to complete your goal. You can text with it, call someone and don’t have to hold your phone the whole time to see if you have a message. It is something so smart, It couldn’t go a day without. I honestly feel empty and ‘naked’ if I am not wearing my Apple watch.

On your phone you have two apps to control your watch. The first is to personalize your apps, do software updates, to control the messages you want to get on your watch etc. The second app is for your activities. With this app you can see how active you have been in the time you wear your apple watch. I was mindblown about how inactive I was before. Now if I see I need to walk a bit more I will alway take the steps. This watch really motivates you to be more active.





Yoga Time

Hi guys! Today my blogpost is going to be about yoga. Recently I have been going through some stuff and needed to search things that made me feel happy. I was really stressed out and wanted to calm down but nothing did. So I thought, why not try some yoga?

On YouTube there is a channel “Yoga with Adrienne” and I am in love with it. She is such an inspiration and has yoga practices for everything. Insomnia, stress melt, bedtime yoga, morning yoga, for beginners,… Need something, you will find it there. The first time I did some yoga with her channel, I felt relaxed and motivated. Her kind and sweet words are extremely motivational in such a way that I would want to change my whole life (in a positive way). Since then, I almost did some yoga everyday and it is really relaxing. I have tried the yoga for beginners, stress melt, bedtime yoga, …

So if u are looking for something to calm u down during a busy day, to just do something “active” or something for fun. You can do it with yoga!

Also I have been into the science part behind this calming method and it is really inspirational. I have found an ideal thing to do when I am stressed and after a yoga session I feel relieved and lucky. Try it a couple of times and tell me what you think!


Love, L

A lil’ chat

Hi guys! Welcome again to our blog. Today we weren’t in our mood to make cute lookbook pictures but we did want a little chitchat with you guys. You know, to know a bit more about each other. In the follow paragraphs we will tell you more about our current lifestyle, our vision on the world and what is on our minds.

So, a few weeks ago we both read an article in our local newspaper about a man who had written something about the world. In detail, about our plastic world. We aren’t going to tell you everything in detail (we are writing an article about plastic for a future blogpost), but we wanted to share that since we read that article, we have changed our daily uses to trying it plastic-free. So if u want us to write an article about how we try to live plastic free, let us know!

If we do things the way we are doing it now, there won’t be a long future for us. This is scary to read but seriously, our grandchildren will live in a world so much worse than this one we are living in. Yesterday, I was waiting on my bus to arrive and I just saw someone opening her Marlboro pack of sigarettes and throwing the plastic away on the ground. Not even throwing it in a bin on the street but no, just on the ground. That was really eye-opening to me.

We are really trying to live plastic friendly but oh my god this is so hard. Everything you see in the grocery store is stored and packed in plastic. But really, try it! Try living plastic friendly and it gives u so much more in life and gives u motivation to do it more and more. Those millions of plastic in the ocean can’t be because of you because you are living plastic friendly. Try it and let us know what u think.


Love, S and L

A Day in Antwerp

Hi guys! This tuesday we went to Antwerp because we love to shop and we got the day off so this was the perfect opportunity! One shopping street in Antwerp is the most famous but because we grew up in Antwerp we mostly love the little shopping streets and hidden bars. We had the whole day planned to spend in our beloved city.

We both had some things to do in the morning so we decided to meet in Antwerp central station. We quickly got some food in Exki, a pretty healthy brand that looks out for our planet. Because we both are interested in saving the planet, we love this place. Then we went shopping. The places we visited were Lush, &Other Stories, NYX, Weekday, Sissyboy…


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset












We suggest to go to the “Nationalestraat”. This street is full off shops for every price range. We mostly love the second hand shop Jutka&Riska, Sissyboy, … There are also a lot of little bars and cafés for a beverage.














A5C1CA7C-188C-4210-AC7F-4DDF18F809E0.jpgThe streets that surround “de voetgangerstunnel” are also amazing! Here you have all these little souvenirs shops and a lot of tourist visit these streets. This is where we chilled a little in a café. If u need a good bookshop but not that mainstream one, go to “Stad Leest“. This bookshops has all kinds of books like lifestyle, romance, literature but also notebooks and little kids toys etc.


If u guys want more tips on a day in Antwerp, please let us know in the comments below!

Love, S and L






L’oréal Paris

Todays subject: the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Magnifying Primer and Accord Parfait Foundation.

A long time ago, we were in Antwerp and went into the Pop-Up store from L’Oréal. The main goal of this store was to try all of their products out for free! so we thought, hey why not? We tried the hairproduct Colorista Washout and their makeup. In this blogpost we will tell you our opinion on their foundation and primer.


First: Infallible Mattifying Primer

The primer is amazing to apply and doesn’t dry out. It really helps with the appliance of the foundation. On the back of the package there is a tip written to smooth the primer onto the skin outwards for a better texture.

Second: Accord Parfait Foundation

The foundation is part of my daily makeup routine. This isn’t some foundation that is very full coverage so it is buildable for those who want it. Because of that it is ideal for daily use and isn’t extremely matt. It gives a nice finishing glow.



Morning Routine – Lisa

Hi guys! Today is sunday and we have a blogpost ready for you. Relax and enjoy your sunday while reading this post. My routines differ from workweek to weekend so because it’s sunday, I will tell my weekend morning routine.

First ofcourse waking up. This is the most crucial thing of a morning routine (winks). And like every person who can chill the whole day, I take my phone and start scrolling in Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. About an hour later I choose between going downstairs or staying in bed for a while longer and take my laptop to watch some TV and if you already know me, I am the most TV- addicted person so guess what… TV it is.

About an hour later I go downstairs to prepare breakfast. In the weekend my dad always goes to the bakery and gets the most delicious things ever so sorry guys, no special Instagram inspired breakfast…

After breakfast I get up go watch some more TV or go upstairs to get ready. Sunday is my hair washing day so I will go to my bathroom, brush my teeth and take a long relaxing bath. I wash my hair with the Head&Shoulders shampoo Citrus Fresh. I don’t use conditioner very often because my hair is greasy quickly and conditioner doesn’t really help with this process… I wash myself with the Dove Foam Pampering Pistachio and guys, this is the best smelling shower foam ever.

When I get out of my bath I will prepare my skin with a daydream, brush my hair and let it airdry for a bit while doing my makeup. On a chill sunday I will mostly just enjoy a naked face with just some concealer and mascara but when I have an event in the afternoon I will do a whole face of natural makeup. Next I blow-dry my hair and BTW If you want a blogpost about how I do my hair, comment it down below!

I take some clothes and voila, I am all ready and approved to go out in the open! I really love watching morning routines on YouTube and reading them so I hope you guys will love mine as wel! Comment down below what your thoughts were!

Love, Lisa

Kiehl’s Test

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion

This new product is the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion from the amazing brand, our all-time lover, Kiehl’s. You know, I have struggled with my skin from when I was in high school and never have I found a brand that makes their promises come true. So when I discovered Kiehl’s, I was really in love.

My first moisturizer was the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream and I was very happy and pleasantly surprised by it’s effect. But because my skin has changed, I had to change my moisturizer. Now my skin type has gone from oily to normal and have changed to moisturizer to the Oil-Free Lotion. The texture and base of the product has gone from a gel-structure to a lotion based product. These products are more hydrating than gel based products.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

First impressions:

  • Sticky when u apply it to the skin, but dries quickly.
  • Weird odor
  • You feel your skin takes all the product in
  • You have a healthy glow

End thoughts:

I am really excited to further discover this product but so far I am pleasantly surprised. My points are 8/10. Kiehl’s has come out with a new moisturizer and I will definitely give a review on that!

Love, S

Manicure 101

Who can’t resist on long beautiful nails right? We love it and that is why we wanted to write our procedure to have a beautiful manicure.

Step one – prepping and filing your nails. 

Take the rest of your nail polish from last time of and file them to your ideal length. We use different files for different ends. To clean your nails, condition them and for extra shine and softness.


Step two – basecoat. 

You can’t have a descent manicure without some sort of base coat. We use Essie’s grow strong which also helps your nails get stronger.


Step three – taking your favorite nail polish 

Try to put the brush in the middle of the nail and go up to the cuticles and stop when you almost touch them. You don’t want any nail polish on the cuticles but you do want a very nice polished nail.


Last but not least, step four – top Coat!

Use a topcoat to get more shine. And there you have it, your perfect manicure!


Who can’t resist on long beautiful nails right? We love it and that is why we wanted to write our procedure to have a beautiful manicure.

Step one is prepping and filing your nails. 

Take the rest of your nail polish from last time of and file them to your ideal length. We use different files for different ends. To clean your nails, condition them and for extra shine and softness.


Step two is basecoat. 

You can’t have a descent manicure without some sort of base coat. We use Essie’s grow strong which also helps your nails get stronger.


Step three is taking your favorite nail polish 

Try to put the brush in the middle of the nail and go up to the cuticles and stop when you almost touch them. You don’t want any nail polish on the cuticles but you do want a very nice polished nail.


Last but not least, step four is top Coat!

Use a topcoat to get more shine. And there you have it, your perfect manicure!


Our Favorite Bloggers & Vloggers

Social media is full of amazing writers and bloggers who want to share their passion about something they like. Because there are over a million bloggers and bloggers, we will spill the tea about our favorite blog pages and YouTube channels!


  • Zoella
  • Polienne
  • Sincerely Jules
  • Niomi Smart
  • Nanja Massi


  • Clevver Style
  • Zoella
  • Buzzfeed
  • Contour
  • In The Frow
  • Allana Davison
  • Mr. Kate
  • Adelaine Morin
  • Cut

Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent yourself with jewelry.

At our local Veritas store, we saw this amazing discount. Buy three items, get three free. And because we are jewelry addicted sisters we thought, why not?

These six jewelry items are all gold with some details. Want to know which ones we got? Be sure to look at the pictures below!






















How To Style a Black Leather Skirt

A black leather skirt; you can rock it or look trashy. What do we want? Yes, we want to rock the world. We have made five different outfits with one skirt for five different occasions.

Work outfit

Wear a simple blue blouse with a black cardigan or blazer. If you wear your leather skirt like that, it can be a perfect outfit to go to a meeting or lunch with colleagues.

Party outfit

Take your leather skirt and put a nice black top above it. Because it’s all black, you can take a purse with a lot of colour and in this way you are simple but Oh My God so fashionable. You can get ready in under five minutes and get out the door without worrying about anything.

Breezy day

If it isn’t that warm outside but you still want to wear this leather skirt, just put on a black pullover and a printed jacket above it. This way you still have that colour in your outfit and something against the cold.

Hot but still classy

Want something classy but it’s really hot outside? My lifesaver is a turtleneck with a lot of colour but no sleeves. The sleeveless turtleneck will show a bit of a classy look without getting really hot.

Shopping day

Want to go shopping with some friends? Just take any kind of t-shirt with a logo on it. I took the Marcel T-shirt but you can also take a Levi’s shirt wit their logo on it or Fila’s or whatever you like.


To finish these looks, I topped it off with some popping jewelry with a blue tone and a lot of rings. Take some black heels for a party or work and a nice sneaker for shopping and there you have it. Five looks for five different occasions!


Spring Outfit Ideas

If the weather changes, our outfits need to be changed too. This blogpost contains a few different outfit ideas where you can get some inspiration from.

NR. 1 – Cropped and ripped

Our first outfit is for that girl who doesn’t want to put a lot of time in an outfit but still wants to be a bit put together. Take a plain white shirt, a bit cropped for this weather and  ripped jeans. These two items can give the outfit a more edgy look and it shows some skin.


NR. 2 – Blouse & Jeans

The second look is for an even warmer day. The skirt made out of jeans and the striped blouse gives a bit more colour and because it’s spring it doesn’t all have to be black.


NR. 3 – Lil’ black dress

A simple black dress can give someone that sophisticated highclass look when you only wear one item. This dress is from &Other Stories and was included in our spring haul! This with some colorful sneakers or a plain black heel and BOOM you have an amazing outfit!


NR. 4 – Stripes

Another dress but a bit more ‘out there’. This dress is perfect for an occasion like a family dinner, spring festivities and a day with your friends into the city. 30920404_1956744121062301_787765648_o-1

NR. 5 – Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is amazing. The material is soft and breezy so perfect for spring weather. It is very comfortable and pair it with some sandals or beachy heels and you have an amazing outfit!


Hope these looks will inspire you to rock that body and your outfits in spring!

Love, S and L

Makeup Haul – Hema Belgium

Two weeks ago I was shopping in Knokke when I was on a weekend there. I bought a lot of things, including some makeup products from Hema. Because I really want to try out drugstore priced makeup from all kinds of brands I chose to first go with Hema. I already saw a lot of reviews on YouTube and on Google but opinions can differ from person to person. My skin isn’t very problematic so I can test all kinds of makeup out.

The products I bought where a concealer, a foundation and a mascara. Also a nail polish but I have not had the chance to test it out. I am trying to grow my nails because I have very soft nails that easily break. If u want a review on the nail polish of Hema, be sure to comment down below!


I am someone who never had a foundation that matched my skin tone, that was easily to apply or just was to thick for me. What I was looking for in my ideal foundation is my skin tone and the thickness of it. I don’t need a full coverage because I don’t have problems with acne. I still want my skin to breathe and so I needed a light to medium coverage just to put the redness away. I saw that Hema had these foundations and I put them to the test. I tried to find my ideal shade and bought it.The shade I bought is nr. 04. First I thought it was too orange for me. I hate foundations that oxidate very fast and when you look like an orange.


Concealer is a big big MUST for me. I have really dark under eye circles that I hate. I want to cover them as much as I can but because I have a lot of days where I don’t use foundation so my concealer must be in the same skin tone as my foundation. Normally the concealer is one or two shades lighter but I prefer the same shade. I had the opportunity to choose between two types of concealer. The one I bought was with a brush and where you had to rotate the part underneath to activate the concealer. I had to rotate it many many times so I didn’t really know if it was activated but after a while I saw the product coming out. First I thought that it was too light for my skin but actually it is the ideal colour. My shade is shade 80 and it is in one of the best concealers I have ever tried. It gives an amazing natural finish and covers the darkness pretty good. The only thing I’m concerned about is that I will run out of it quickly. The tube is very very small and I had to rotate it multiple times before there was product.


I can’t leave the house without a mascara. If I had to choose between concealer and mascara I will definitely choose the second one. I had one mascara that I adored but ran out and because I can’t buy it in Belgium I had to find another pretty similar as the one I was used too. I had the Better than Sex from Too Faced and it was my ultimate favorite. Hema has a lot of mascaras for all different goals. My goal is to achieve long separated lashes. That’s why I chose the Ultimate Lash Catcher which separates your lashes and gives length. I was so excited to try this one out. My first application went pretty well. It did separated my lashes and gave length. But I have very tiny lashes so it wasn’t a mascara that gives a lot of volume.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

In general I was really excited to try these products and my finale thoughts are very positive. Of course, the perfect foundation, concealer or mascara is very hard to find. But because these are drugstore priced I can’t expect the worlds best foundation. That’s why I give the foundation a 6 out of 10. Concealer a 8 out of 10 and mascara also 8 out of ten.

Spring Haul – Mango, New Look, …

Another season, another warderobe and I’m not saying that all of my clothes are out of date, I felt like I missed some new pieces. So we went shopping quite a bit!

We first went to New Look and let me tell you, they have an amazing spring/summer collection. I needed a new coat for spring and this one is just perfect! It is light but a bit oversized so you can wear some layers underneath.

When walking trough Antwerp, we stumbeld upon Weekday. We had never been here and they have so many good basics. I was looking for a new pair of jeans for quite some time and well they had a great selection of jeans. I love this pair with the unruffeled egde at the botom and boyfriend fit.

I also bought these pants from CAROLL. The colors and the bow at the front make it stand out. I think I will be combining this with a loose black t-shirt and some loafers.

Last but not least we went to Zeb and we did some damage! I saw this jumpsuit on Instagram and I knew I had to have it! I love the big buttons on the front and the wide straps. The buttom of the pants flare out. I think dat this would look lovely with slippers or slides or even at night with a black heel. The jumpsuit is from Mango.

This knitted sweater from Mango is amazing for trowing over the jumpsuit or in summer over a black bikini!

Also from Mango this striped dress with poufy sleeves is amazing with a chunky heel or even with some slides.

Voila that’s it!

I hope you liked it and if you did make sure to like and subsribe to our blog.

Love S and L

Make Up Routine for Springbreak

Because in Belgium our vacation has started for the next two weeks we thought it may be interesting to show you guys what our make up routine is for the heat. Because during this vacation a lot of people will go on vacation to a hot destination and who wants to wear a lot of makeup when it’s hot outside. We don’t so that’s why we decided to write a blogpost about what we would wear.

  • Always wear a good day crème to protect the skin. You can use a crème with SPF in to protect you against the sun. This will make your makeup last a long time. I use the Garnier Hydra+ for normal to combination skin.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  • Step two is concealer. We hate using a lot of foundation when it’s hot outside so we just use a light concealer to cover up those dark circles under the eyes. Because I have two concealers with two different skin colours so I will mix them and then I have the perfect concealer. The one I use is from Nars Chantilly and the other one is from Maybelline the Fit Me in shade 20. These two I will blend out with a damp beauty blender. A bit of transulcent powder to keep the concealer in place.
  • To give my eyes a pop of colour in the sun I use the eyeshadow palette from &Other Stories. Here I use the lightest rose colour in the crease and on the lid the lightest shimmery colour.
  • And lastly I use my Better Than Sex mascara from Too Faced.

This was a very simple makeup routine but who likes to wear a tun of makeup when it is very hot outside. I don’t!

What did u guys think? Be sure to comment down below!


Who doesn’t love a good chocolate dessert, especially moelleux. But a lot of people stay away from baking it even though it is so simple. Well I like to introduce you to this easy and quick recipe and I guaranty you, your moelleux will be cakey on the outside and the chocolate will flow out when you cut into it. Let’s do this!

What you will need – 4 persons

  • 100 g dark chocolate
  • 110 g butter
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 2 whole eggs
  • 100 g sugar
  • 50 g sieved pastry flour
  • a pinch of salt

Let’s get started:

Step 1

Melt the chocolate and the butter. Miks the eggs, yolks and sugar. Whisk util a loose batter has been formed. Sift the flour on top of the batter and whisk away. When there are no more lumps in the batter add the chocolate/butter mixture. Stir and add a pinch of salt. Poor the batter into a piping bag and let the batter cool for a minimum of 2 hours.

Step 2

About 20min before serving you should preheat the over to 210°C so that when you take the moelleux out they can go strait into your guests tummy! Cut the tip from the piping bags and fill your molds about 3/4. Put the moelleux in the over for about 10 – 12 minutes. After baking take them out and turn them around onto a plate. Remove the mold and serve them!

You can serve the moelleux with some vanille ice-cream and fresh berries!


Love S and L