April Bullet Journal

It is almost the end of March so it’s time for a bullet journal update. My bullet journal from March didn’t reach the blog so that’s why I wanted to do something special with april. I ain’t good at drawing and especially at calligraphy but


Processed with VSCO with m5 presetbecause I really wanted to be better at these skills I just tried and I think it’s kind off good. Of course I had some help from the beloved internet but still I did it with my hands and I am pretty proud of it. Because april is the month where spring already arrived (well not in Belgium) I wanted to have something with flowers and leafs. So my best friend Pinterest really helped me out; I searched inspiration for bullet journals and found a great picture from someone who was drawing something with leafs and flowers. The flowers looked a bit complicated for an amateur like me so I kept it with the leafs. Also the lines around the whole pages makes it a little more put together.

I am going to write my goals for April as soon as March ends. The little things I want to work on for the blog and also the things I am happy about. It keeps me motivated.

If you got any inspiration for your own bullet journal, be sure to comment down below with a picture of it!

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Best of 2017

New year, new me right? But first let us take a minute to look back at 2017 and see what we remember. In this article we are not going to talk about experiences that were good or bad, but more about skincare, beauty, fashion and all sort of  things we discovered in 2017. Because one year is different for everybody, we decided to write this blogpost individually.
Okay first I’m going to give a big shout out to Kiehl’s. I discovered these products a long time ago but really got into them this year and they are 100% the reason that my skin has cleared up. I use the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash and Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner and after that the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream every day in the morning and at night. At night I will and some drops of Midnight Recovery Concentrate and if I have do have some break out I put a dot of the Breakout Control Targeted Blemish Spot Treatment on the spots.
I have always loved Giorgio Armani foundations and this year I discovered the Power Fabric Foundation. It’s a full coverage liquid foundation. It is super lightweight and has a velvet matte finish.
This year I have been loving the Anastasia Contour Kit. I got it for my birthday in the color Light to Medium. The kit comes with three highlights en three contour colors. I use the first two as setting powders because they give you a really healthy looking glow. The contours blend really nice with foundation but they also sit very nice on the skin.
Another beauty favorite of mine are the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipsticks. It glides on very nice and doesn’t dry super quick so you can take you time when applying it and you can fix it if you make any mistakes. It sets into a matte finish and they last a really long time. I have them in the colors Sandstorm and Soft-Spoken. Sandstorm is a beautiful nude  color and Soft-Spoken sets into a mauve nude.
In this photo I am wearing the ​Giorgio Armani foundation and the Anastasia Contour Kit. The lipstick is ​NYX Liquid Suede Cream in the color Soft-Spoken.
Because I am a makeup addict I had to choose between all of my palettes that I got this year. I have 20 in total but can’t describe them all so I picked my 2 favorites. My first one is the Tartelette palette in Bloom. When my parents went to America, they always buy us a souvenir. Because in Belgium, we don’t have the brand Tarte so I asked for a Tarte makeup palette. The one in bloom was my favorite because it had all of these pretty nude shades that is perfect for every season.
One of the things I haven’t regretted this year at all is ​my long to short hair cut. When I was little I always wanted long sleek hair but when you get older, you get tired of that long hair. So I decided to chop it off. The hairdresser didn’t cut a lot off so when I got home I asked my sister to cut a bit more off. I haven’t regretted it for one single minute. Now I still have middle length hair, just because I am to lazy to go to the hairdresser, and have never been more happy about it.

Another thing about my hair was that it was always greasy. When I washed my hair, the next morning it was already very greasy and I hated it. I searched on the web what was best for greasy hair, and I tried everything. Only One thing has saved me and that is the Head & Shoulders Citrus breeze. This one is perfect to get one or two days longer without washing your hair. ​

Nails are something that is very important to me and because my babydream was to become a beautician, I bought a “starterspacket” for applying acrylic nails. This was one of the best things I have ever done because I really like to experience with beauty products. I really like to try different products out and see where it goes. This packet that I bought was very handy and I am still using it.
My bullet journal. This is something everyone knows about and I bought it last summer for school purposes. Because I love being creative, I got this journal to write and draw everything down just the way I want it. Mine is very minimalistic but still I love it. ​

Outfit of the Day



I’m in love with this outfit! I think it is the perfect combination between casual and chic. The pants are made of a very light material wich is perfect for spring and summer. These ones are from Carol but any pair of paterned pants will work. I paired them with a black sweater from Zara and black boots from Massimo Dutti. The sweater has these little gold buttons on the sleeves wich really compliment with the trousers and make the outfit a bit more chic. The jacket is also from Zara. I paired this outfit with a black hat from H&M and a bag from Michael Kors. On the catwalk of fashion week you can see that the trend for this season is to wear your purse as a clutch, so that is what I did and I really think it does give your outfit a bit extra class.

Today I wore something casual combined with something more classy. I think this is a more daring look because of the black high heels. I have had these for almost 2 years but never wore them. So today I thought why not wear them and I am loving it! Because these boots are more out there I wore some simple jeans from Zeb and a white shirt from Zara. These are some basics. To top the look off I wore my jacket which is also from Zara.

Golden Days

Hi guys, sunday is blogpost day. Today we have another article about some gold earrings we got from Isa en Roza. A while ago we posted an article about finding our silver lining which was about the silver earrings we also got from them. 

We were very happy about these and have worn it every day since. We also got these gold earrings and were again pleasant surprised. The material is very nice, allergic free and lightweight which is very important to us. We both have pretty sensitive earlobes so these are ideal.  The gold gives that extra touch and makes the skin look a bit more tanned. There aren’t very much words to describe how amazing this brand is. We loved working with them and love to review these sponsored products. If u are interested in buying some earrings, be sure to contact them for any questions!
If you are interested, on the icons below you can easily find them and get in touch.
Be sure to check out our social media platforms in the icons below!
​Love, S and L

Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude

Estée Lauder came out with a spin-off from the most hyped foundation ever, the double wear foundation. The Double Wear Nude is as light as water, it is super light on the skin. The skin looks flawless, natural and healthy. The foundation has a satin finish and a light to medium coverage, but it is possible to build up to full coverage.
The foundation is a light foundation with SPF 30 and protects the skin against influences from the environment such as UV-light and free radicals because the foundation is filled with antioxidants.
This foundation is oil and scent free and hydrates the skin thanks to a complex based on extract from red fruits, watermelon, lychee seeds and apple. It doesn’t set into your pores so it will not cause acne.


Before using the double wear nude you have to shake very good. It is a very runny foundation so what I do is I turn the bottle and pore a bit onto my fingers. I dot the foundation onto the skin and with a foundation brush I blend it into the skin. You can really take your time with it, because the foundation doesn’t set right away. Ones you’ve blended you are left with a light to medium coverage, but you can repeat this step for full coverage.

You are left with flaweless looking skin. It is set to be 24-hours coverage, I haven’t tried it. But after a full day of running around at night the foundation still looks amazing.

The Double Wear Nude is perfect for an every day foundation and a nude make-up look.

Skincare Routine

Hi guys, today we are talking skincare. We both have very different routines because our skin types are completely different. Our favorite skincare products are from Kielh’s, Garnier and L’oréal. The products from Kielh’s are more high end and Garnier and L’oréal are more low-end. In the article below we will both write our experience with our skin and with products to use.


I’ve always struggled with my skin. After years of struggling to find the right products and routine, I can finally say that I am happy with my skin. The products I use are all from Kiehl’s. One day I went in, they did a skin test en half an our later I was on my way home with a bag full of products.
The weather is slowly changing and so does my routine. In the winter I use Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer. I find it to work really well on my oily skin. The moisturizer reduces redness and my skin looks and feels better. When it gets warmer, I find the Skin Rescuer to heavy for my skin and I use the Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream. Because it is oil free it is very light on the skin and reduces shine.
I use one of these two moisturizers in the morning and at night. After I wake up I was my face with water and put on the moisturizer. At night my routine is a bit longer. First I take of my make up, then cleanse my face, I then use a toner and finish with the moisturizer. The cleanser and toner are both from the Calendula collection. The calendula-extract deeply cleanses the skin without drying in out. The face wash is soap and sulfate free, the toner is also alcohol free. If my face needs some extra healing I use a few drops of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This stuff is magic in a bottle! First of al it smells amazing. When you wake up after using this product your face feels smooth and has this amazing glow because it healed your skin during your sleep. If I have some pimples I also use the concentrate.


I have dry to normal skin. Pimples aren’t really something i struggle with so that means I don’t necessary need a lot of expensive skin care products. In the morning I simply use a daydream from Garnier. After this dries I put my make up on. In the night time I start with Garnier Skinactive Botanic Rosewater Milk to wash my make up off from the day. When my face is clean, I use the Tonic from Rituals. I use two pomps on my hand and massage it in my face. After this I put on a sleeping cream. This is a night cream also from Garnier which contains lavender to help me sleep at night.
Sometimes I feel fancy and I will use a charcoal mask (a peeling mask or mask to wash off). These will make my skin more clear and healthy.
That’s it for today! We hope you liked this post and maybe even find some products that you can use. We would love to know what products you use, so make sure to leave a comment down below. We are thinking about doing a morning or night time routine so if you would like a post on this topic let us know.

​S and L

Every Day Make-Up Look



  • Maybelline Concealer – shade 120
  • Be Creative Cosmetics Translusent Powder
  • ZOEVA Opulence Blush Palette – highlighter and contour colour


  • Zoeva Opulence Blush Palette – contour colour for in the crease and highlighter for the lid
  • Too Faced – Better than Sex Mascara


  • Givenchy Crème de Rouge



  • ​Giorgio Armani Power Fabric – shade 2
  • Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – Chantilly
  • Kat Von Di Lock-It Setting Powder
  • ZOEVA Opulence Blush Palette – used the highlighter and blush
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit – Light to medium – used for contour


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Blonde
  • Tarte Tartelette – Flower child on the lid – Jetsetter in the crease – Funny girl in the center of the lid
  • Maybelinne The Colossal Volume Express Waterproof


  • & Other Stories Lipstick – Matte Joyau
These are our everyday make-up looks. These looks are perfect for going to work of school. We hope you guys liked it and so you in our next post!

​S and L

Gigi Hadid’s Makeup

A while ago Gigi Hadid’s Coast to Coast makeup collection came out and it sold out so fast. The first store we went to had nothing left so we lost all hope but this did not stop us and we drove and drove and drove and finally got our hands on Gigi Hadid Lip Kit. In the lip kit you get the lipstick and lipliner. Over the last couple of weeks we tried them both out and here is our review on it.

We absolutely love it! We bought the shade ‘Lani’. We were kind of thrown of by the color of the box but when swatching this color got our attention. It is such a stunning color. The shade really is the most amazing red, because it’s such a vibrant color. It makes your lips pop. For all the blue eyed girls out there, this shade will make your eyes look amazing!
On the box it said to first fill in your lips with lipstick and then to line the outer edges to get the perfect shape. So we did and it looks amazing. The lipstick glides on super smoothly when applying. It dries matte and with matt lipsticks you can get dry lips, but with this lipstick that does not happen. The shape of the lip liner makes it easy to apply and define the edges.
Even after having an 5-course Christmas dinner, the lipstick lasted nicely.
This kit and especially the lipstick is a must-have! It really is an amazing lipstick and we recommend it to everyone. We are definitely going to buy some more shades if we can get our hands on it because it is a limited edition collection.

Love S and L


Today, Sarah came back from her ski vacation and because I had my birthday last Saturday, she couldn’t give her present that exact day. So today, when she got back, I got my present from her. It was a lipstick from Givenchy. I was really excited because it isn’t a matte, it isn’t a lipgloss, it really is a lipstick so smooth it is more like a lip balm. Because a lip balm is a bit boring, she bought this one with a red/rose tone in it. The pro’s of this lip balm is that it is very easy to handle. When you smudge a little on the side, you can easily wipe it off. Because a matte lipstick instantly dries it is really hard to be exactly right between the edges of the lip. But with this one you can take many many tries to have that perfect voluminous lip. With the red slash rose colour in it, it gives that pop of colour. When I work I really want something on my lips that is pretty but also something that is easy; so this is perfect.


In the picture here below you can see the lipstick and how it is on the palm of my hand. Sarah bought it in our local ICI Paris XL shop. She got me the Rouge à Porter in colour “Framboise griffée” number 303. We put the link here down below!

Link: https://www.iciparisxl.be/nl/givenchy-cosmetic/-/le-rouge-à-porter/p/BP_737713

​Love, S and L

Find the Silver Lining

Hi guys, this blogpost is our first blogpost that is only about one item. This one is an earring we got send by an amazing friend who lives here in Belgium. She handmakes her own jewels and we thought we might collaborate. One year ago we got a gift from this brand, Isa en Rosa, and we loved it. Then with Christmas we, again, got earring from them and surprise surprise, loved them too. So a collab was a great idea. We got two earrings, because there are two of us, by choice. When they arrived in the mail we immediatly put them on and adored them! Today there is going to be a review of the first pair and in a few weeks there is going to be another review of the other pair. Enjoy!

earrings-2_origThe one we are going to review today is the silver one. We chose to go silver and gold because I, Lisa has a silver helix and I, Sarah loves gold in combination with my skintone. The silver one is very nice and in the picture it looks a little different than in real life. When it arrived we immediatly saw something we didn’t know when we ordered it and LOVED it. It has a feather-style with the forms but if you want to wear them, the wire is longer than the ear so you can see that there is two sides. Really difficult to explain but if you look at the picture, you will see it. We think this makes the earring not just a “normal” earring but a bit more special and this was a really nice surprise. The material is also very nice and not irritating on the ear.

earring-1_origThis is a very short blogpost but this means that there is only positive things to say about. We really love working with Isa en Rosa and she is so sweet! The collaboration was very nicely and the shipping wasn’t more than a workweek. We adore these jewels and in a few weeks we will keep you updated about the gold earrings!

​Love, S and L

For more info about Isa en Rosa;


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isa_en_roza/

Website: http://isaenroza.be

Faux bangs

Faux Bangs

Hi guys and welcome to a new blogpost. Today we have a really special one. It is about faux bangs which means that this is a hairstyle where you have the look of bangs without cutting them. This blogpost is for those who always wanted to cut bangs but never had the courage to do it. Well so are we. If you look at bangs, not everyone can pull it of. You have different shapes of your head; round, heart, oval,… and not every shape can pull a nice bang off. We have the perfect solution for you.

​We tried to make bangs out of the ends of our hair but of course actual bangs look a bit more ‘realistic’ as they say. But we are now making a blogpost about it to help you guys figure out if bangs is something you want and if you can pull it of. Want to know how? Keep on reading!


What you will need
⇢ A comb
⇢ Little rubber bands
⇢ Bobby pins (we used 2-3, depends on the thickness of your hair)
⇢ Hairspray
⇢ A hat

Let the game begin

  1. Take a section from the front of your hairline and put it in a little ponytale with a little rubber band.
  2. Tale the ends of the ponytail and place these ends of your hair on the front of your head. try to place it right and if it doesn’t stay you can always take a straighting iron to place it just right.
  3. Is it in a good place? Then set it with dome bobbypins on the top of your had.
  4. Now you have bangs! But wait… It isn’t very cute to walk around with these bobbypins on the top of your head. To make it more realistic, take a hat and put it one like you would usually do. The bobbypins are on the top of your head so if you put the hat on, no one can see anything! 


And there you have it, your own bangs without cutting anything off! Amazing right? This is the perfect way to see if bangs is something for you.

​Good luck and be sure to take a picture and send it to us!

​Love, S and L

January Haul

We went shopping! It’s january so that means sales. All the stores are giving amazing discounts and we scored some pretty good deals. But of course we couldn’t resist looking (and buying) some pieces from the  new collection. 


The first store we went to is ZEB. It took us a while but we finally went to the new ZEB store and it looks incredible and best of all it sells amazing brands like Astrid Black Label, Calvin Klein, MANGO, Marcel and so many more! The best thing is they sell brands from amazing Belgian designers.


MANGO always has amazing clothes and that’s no different this season. We bought a black jumpsuit and a black and white striped T-shirt with mid-length sleeves and two straps at the top with you can tie into a loose knot. Paired together it makes a perfect outfit. You can style them apart but we love the casual look.

Astrid Black Label
We fell in love with this black pullover. It has little cut-outs on the top and it is this detail that gives the sweater that extra spice. The material is very soft and easy to wear. We think it will look good paired with checkered pants and a chunky boots.


We love this grey sweater from BlendShe. The material is super soft and comfy. It can be styled in many different ways maybe with ripped jeans and white sneakers or with a slim fitted skirt. This is that basic sweater you need in your wardrobe.



We love the collection Polienne x CKS and when we saw this blue and white striped pullover we had to buy it! The pullover is soft and falls amazing on the body. The bows on the sleeves give the sweater a classy touch.


Scotch & Soda
We love Scotch & Soda. All of their pieces are so unique and make every outfit pop. We had our eye on a pleated skirt and when we saw it was on sale we jumped at the opportunity and bought it!
The skirt comes in three colors, and we love the silver one. You can dress it up or make it a bit more casual by combining it with a  lovely sweater.


Because it is the end of january, we thought a january haul was perfect. The brands we bought are a really good recommendation because they have really nice quality and are pretty affordable. Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and see you next time!

​Love, S and L

Desk Make-Over

Last week I did a room make-over. A whole new transformation can make me feel so happy and ‘put together’. Because my room make-over had a lot of succes I also did a desk make-over. I spend not that much time in here unless I have to do something for the blog or want to write some things down on my laptop when I feel like it. But lately I didn’t felt ‘home’ in my desk area. I never spend time there anymore and didn’t felt motivated to get stuff done. So I thought why not my a desk make-over. And when I did, I felt good. I was motivated and was happy because everything was organized again.

fullsizeoutput-800_orig.jpgIn the picture above you can see how organized everything is again. My desk was in the center of the room and when I lifted my face up I was seeing against a wall. I couldn’t look outside and that was something very important for me. When the weather is nice with a little sunshine I love to look outside. Then I feel happy. So I changed the direction of the desk with the front against the window so I could look outside. My room always has to have a bit of nature in it so I put some cacti in it and one plant to feel natural. Some books to read when I feel unmotivated and my diary to keep everything together and write things down. Now I am happy with my transformation. When you feel unhappy, unmotivated and want a change. Just change the things in life where you want to spend more time in. My desk is something where I work when necessairy and now I can work with a happy face! Just change the little things in life when you feel like it can change your mindset.

​Love, S and L

Room Clean Up

When you look at my room three things come up. Little, a lot of things and not that special. I am someone who is very attentive to the interior of a room. It can be any kind of room, the bedroom, desk-area … But where I go, I have to motivated by the appearance of the room. The I want to do a lot of business stuff, I need to go to my desk area because there I feel home. I feel that it’s my space, in my style and all organized which keeps me motivated.

My room is pretty little. I have one big bed which takes up – a lot – of space. So I always have to organize everything to make my room as “big and spacious” as possible. But lately it was getting messy and unattractive which makes me feel unorganized. So I decided to choose one day, to organize everything in my closet, everything in my room. Decorate it how I like and feel good about this.

​I first started with organizing my closet. This was a real mess. Normally everything has it’s “place” and now it was all in random places and nothing like me. I took everything out and organized it by colour and type. Shirts with the shirts, all the pants together and all the skirts and dresses together. Also because I have to work in white and black, I took all of these items out of the closet and organized in on my clothingspace in the room itself. I have this IKEA hanger to put my clothes on I always wear. So this is very easy to just put something on really quick and start the day. In my closet I have hangers for all of my dresses I can’t – or don’t want – to fold. These ones I also organized by colour. The pictures below are the before pics of my room!
When my closet with the clothes was ready, I wanted to take my “vanity” and clean this up. This was all disarranged and now I organized it too. My everyday things I put in my Ted Baker bag and the rest in it’s place. I also had to clean everything up because I have a dust allergy so the top of my closet was full of dust. This was a real bummer to clean up because it was very dusty and I had to sneeze all the time. But now my room is dust-free!
I like to change the arrangement of my room so what I did now was put my bed in a different place and put the IKEA clothingrek in my room. Put some throw pillows on the bed and VOILA. There is the whole room make over!


Well hello again! Today we have a new blogpost for you guys about travelling. The trip to Amsterdam wasn’t with the two of us but with me (Lisa) and my boyfriend. This is why I am writing this article today and not the both of us. Here I will talk about the whole experience and do’s and don’ts.

zaandam-orig_orig.pngOur plan was to wake up at 6 am to drive the our and half to the little village next to Amsterdam, which is called Zaandam. When we were booking our rooms we started to look at the pictures of Zaandam and noticed that this wasn’t some common village. No, this was really special with al the green and white big apartments and houses. It was really special. But because we left our home at 6.30 am we arrived around 8am in Zaandam. We checked in and got directly to our room. This room was gorgeous! By the way we stayed at the Inntel hotel in Zaandam. Because of the 1.5 our drive we stayed in the room for 30 minutes to freshen up but then took the train to Amsterdam. We were so excited!

Arriving at the trainstation in Amsterdam we immediatly saw all the beautiful buildings and all the tourists, it was very nice. We also had a lot of luck with the weather because it was blue sky when we arrived and just once we had a little rain. Because we were starving we went to the first restaurant we could find to have some lunch. A half our later we decided to go to the Body Worlds museum. This is all about the human anatomy and illnesses some people have and the effect on the body. It is very interesting and because my boyfriend is studying nursing this was very interesting for him. Next up we went to the famous shoppingmal of the Netherlands which is “de Bijenkorf”. Here you have a lot of handbags but also many makeup brands en jewellery. This was truly amazing. Because Amsterdam is famous for her canals we decided to walk trough the neighbourhood. All the little boats on the beautiful canals and the little bridges. It was just perfect and very romantic.We walked and walked and walked until we were tired and took the train back to Zaandam. There we had a lovely dinner in the restaurant and went to sleep early for the next adventure. ​

The next morning we got our breakfast and took our car to a local parking in Amsterdam. Because we had to check out the hotel we couldn’t use their parkinglot so we had to drive to Amsterdam. There we decided to go to the shoppingstreet and tulipmarket. This market was so colourful because of al the different tulips. There was also a local market with little shops on the street. This was so nice to just walk around and chill. Because we were tired, we went to Starbucks for 30 minutes to rest and drink some energy for the next hours of walking. Amsterdam is walking, walking and walking. Because we booked our trip a little late we couldn’t reserve tickets for the Anna Frank house but then that is for the next time…

Bullet Journal February

New month means new font for my bullet journal. Because Sarah is on her ski vacation, I am taking over our blog today. February is a special month for me. My birthday is the 3th, it’s my first full month at my new job and of course it’s valentine month. That’s why I have drawn some hearts on the front page to make it a bit more in theme. First I have to say, I am not very good at handlettering or drawing. But I did my best and am pretty happy with what I created.


February is, like I already said, a pretty special month for me. My birthday, valentine etc. But besides these events, I also feel pretty good about myself. I got a new job that I really like and it’s my first full month here. I began in the middel of january and I already got a lot of experience to start february as good as possible. I work at a little jewellery store in my hometown so it can be pretty quiet because I don’t live in a busy city. But because it is quiet, I have plenty of time to clean everything up and make the store as beautiful and cosy as possible for our clients.
I have written some main goals on the front page. This is to motivate myself this month with what I do. These three elements are very important to me and that is getting better at blogging, and working really good. This motivates me because when I open my journal I can directly see what my goals are and I can try to achieve them everytime I open it.

To make it is colourfull as possible I always use my pastel highlighters from Stabilo. These are my favourite ones because they are very vintage and aren’t as bright as normal highlighters. I really love a pop of colour but not to extreme so these are perfect for me.

This is my bullet journal for february. Ofcourse because the month just began, there will be somme new changes trough the month. If you want me to update you guys at the end of the month about what my bullet journal has become. Be sure to leave it in the comments!

​Love, L

What we got for Christmas

Bath and Body

Our first gift was a perfume. It is the one from Armani Diamonds and smells delicious. It isn’t a floral or sweet scent but more abstract and powerful.
Taking a bath is one of the things we like to do when we are stressed and want to relax. But of course with a very nice scent and products. As presents we got a box of body soaps, creams, scrubs from Rituals. It is The Ritual of Hammam and with eucalyptus. This scent is perfect for a lazy pampering evening. Also the shower gel of La Vie Est Belle is very good to have. It smells just like the perfume and because of the combination of these two you will have a very strong but good scent. Ideal for that evening dinner with your friends.
Sleep is very important and crucial for a good day. Because we have some sleeping problems we got a body lotion to help us sleep more. You put the body lotion before you go to sleep on your skin and helps you fall asleep. We are very excited to try this and will keep you updated!

Money Money Money

Because of all the cash and all your gift and credit cards you obviously need something to store this in and what more ideal than a nice wallet. We both got one and we are very happy about it. They are both little for the purpose that we can have a lot of room in our purse for other stuff. The first one is black with gold detailing. It is from our favorite store & Other Stories. The second one is purple-red colored and also with gold details. This one is from Fossil.  ​

Wake Up and Make Up 
Something we both put on our Christmas list is makeup. Last year we got the Naked Smokey Palette and the NYX palettes but this year we asked for other brands. & Other Stories has a big collection of makeup and we got one of the eyeshadow palettes. These colors are rose-gold and brown to give your eyes a pop of colour but still neutral.  Also from Zoeva we got makeup. Not eyeshadows but a face palette including highlight, contour and blush. These colors ar very subtle but still pretty.
Our last palette was from BE Creative Makeup and has such nice colors with very good pigmentation. It has a lot of shimmer but also matt to create that perfect look.
​We also got a “Luxe Eye Shadow” from Bobby Brown in the colour “Heat Ray”​. And to finish of the look we got a lipstick from & Other Stories in the colour “Mauva Joyau”.

Looks and Books
We are getting a bit repetitive but yes we got another gift from & Other Stories. I think everybody knows we love to shop there! We got this brown sweater with an amazing floral print and some glitter detail. This would look perfect on a black leather skirt.
Shoes… Something to top off that perfect outfit are some nice boots. We got the dark grey high boots from Scapa. They fit perfect around the ankle which makes it very elegant and easy to walk in.

Because we started blogging we wanted a book to help us. Our aunt gave us a book from Emma Gelaude about her career and blog. We hope this will help and inspire us to make a career in the fashion business. ​

January Favorites

As much as we love winter and the holiday season, january took forever. But february is finally here and that means it’s time for our monthly favorites!

Zoella Beauty 
FINALLY! We have been dying to try out Zoella beauty products, but they never came to our little country until now. And without surprise, we have been loving the Soak Opera Bath & Shower Cream. The parfum is perfect for this time of the year and because it is a foaming cream it leaves your skin feeling so soft. This because of the amazing products that are in the cream such as shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera extract. After you step out of the shower or bad you are left with an amazing smell! We can not wait to try out more of Zoalla beauty products.

I’ve always had trouble falling asleep and my lovely sister was so kind to buy me this Lush product wich is supposed to help you sleep. And after trying it out a bit, I can honestly say that I am sleeping better. The lavender oil brings balans and calms you down and the cocoa butter is smooth on the skin and is very nursing!



CKS top
I got this top in the beginning of january and I have been wearing it non stop! It is just so easy to wear and you feel all dressed up because of the bows on the sleeves and the way it falls on your body even tho I am just wearing a simple sweater with black trousers and booties.
Baking tin
I have always wanted to make my own bread, but never had the courage to try it out. Well new year, new me! I tried it out with a friend and have been making a loaf of bread 3 to 4 times a week! I use this baking tin from AVEVE and it is the perfect size for a loaf of bread! If you would like a blog on how I make my own bread, make sure to leave a comment!

Hope you liked this post and we would love to know what products you have been loving over the past month!

S and L

Lazy Sunday

Sunday, that day of the week where you just don’t have to do anything and can spend your whole day in bed. In this blogpost you will see what we both like to do on our sundays when we can just chill the day away. Not thinking about the next Monday when we have to work or go to school but just have no duties planned. To some up, sleeping till 10am, watching some YouTube videos and scrolling on Instagram. Catching up on TV-shows and reading some beauty magazines. Yes, that is mostly it for the day.
When we wake up the first thing we do is watch hours and hours videos from our favourite Youtubers. If you want our top 10  of YouTube be sure to comment it below! Scrolling on Instagram and getting some inspiration for new articles on our Instagram and Blog. These two social media platforms inspire us the most because you can see everyone around the whole world doing what they love. Some of them have own books written and our favourite is from Emme Gelaude. This book is a MUST READ! It is such an inspiration for those who seek creativity and want to make a career in what they love. Definitely Sunday material.

​Finishing our blogpost that we upload on Sunday at 3pm is a priority. We both try our best to do this two times a week and sometimes it is hard with our busy lives but until now we have made it. So when we wake up we go have some breakfast and start reading our blog for details.
Reading some magazines about beauty tips and tricks, different fashion styles and gossip about famous stars is really Sunday Funday! This is also an amazing platform for inspiration but mostly then to see what kind of products we can test for future blogposts. And ofcourse again, catching up on our favourite tv shows. We both ahve the same taste in shows and our faves our mostly Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory, This Is Us and the most amazing tv-show ever made: Game of Thrones. Ofcourse we still have many many other we really like but these are bingewatch material!


​This short blogpost is just a little article about what we love to do on chill sundays. Ofcourse not every week is planned like this, we also have things to do on our sundays but this can sometimes be so entertaining and time for yourself is very important. Keep that in mind!
​Thank you so much for reading this blogpost and see you Wednesday at 3pm for our next one.
​Love, S and L

New Years Resolutions

The new year is that time when everybody starts planning the following year to be better then the last one. Some people are pro resolutions, some are against it. We are probably very cliché but it is something everybody, at some point, thinks about doing. So to get a head start we are going to some up what our New Years Resolutions are for 2018. Let’s go!
NO. 1
​We just started blogging and so it is a bit obvious to have a resolution about our blog. Our big dream is to make our blog a platform were we can share our love for beauty and fashion and for other people to get inspired. It is very important for us to get people motivated to do something they have always dreamed about. We always dreamed about doing something with fashion and lifestyle and cooking so we thought why not create our own blog. We hope this is the start of something great.
NO. 2
Be more thankful for everything around you. If you look at the society all around the world, you can see that some people are in so much pain and in need of things we, in Belgium, have everywhere. We need to learn to be thankful for such things. We already get so so much each and everyday that we have to learn this. Also be happy with the little things. the last couple of months in 2017 have been very hard for our family and we wanted to learn to love the little things that happen in our life. If we go out to dinner or we are going to the movies, these things can make someone so happy in that moment. That is something we are going to learn. Don’t stress about he next day that we have to go to school or go to work. NO! Enjoy the moment! Let us learn to appreciate the little things in life and cherish them.
NO. 3
Get fit. Yes we know, this is something that everybody says but maybe 2018 is the year? A healthy body is so good both physically and emotionally. The condition of your body is better and working out gives you such a nice rush. We don’t do a lot of sports because we kind off have a busy life. But new year, new us, which means that our lazy asses need to get of that chair and need to get some excercise. Wat about one jog a week to start? I like the sound of that!
NO. 4
Meeting new people and expanding our social network is a resolution we both want to achieve. In our busy life we don’t have much time to go somewhere and meet new people. We hope we can achieve that with our blog and meet peoples with the same interest as we do and get inspired from them and have amazing times together.​
NO. 5
Go somewhere new. In 2018 we want to visit places we have never been and discover our little country and maybe even the world. We would love to go to the United Stated.  Another idea is a bit closer to home, which is Scotland. We would love to visit Edinburgh.
We hope you loved this post! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and leave a comment telling us what some of your new years resolutions are.

​S and L